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The other week I went to London Zoo, I have been there once before which was last year and it was quite a good day out. I went on the hottest day was which was quite nice except that the queue went down the road from the zoo so everyone had to stand in the sun whilst waiting to pay for tickets. As I don’t like paying full price unless I really have too I had a 2 for 1 voucher on adult tickets. Adult tickets cost £25 as this included a volunteer cost too which I kindly declined so I paid £22.50 for two tickets and I don’t think I’d pay anymore as it would have been £50 for two tickets. I took a picnic for the day so there wasn’t any need to buy any of the expensive food there I just bought two bottles of water for £1.80 each.

Since I last went to the Zoo not a lot had changed in a year and the two maps I have from both trips look nearly the same. There was some building work going on which I think was for a new restaurant there as the other restaurant was in a temporary gazebo.

There was apparently a new Tiger area but I didn’t see any Tigers when I went as it was too hot so most of the animals were in the shadow somewhere out of sight.
I got to the zoo around 12 and left at 4.30 as the zoo closed at 5.00. Last time I went I missed out the second half of the zoo as I’d run out of time. I went to the separate part first where there were nightlife animals, Giraffes, Zebras, Reindeer, Otters and Snowdon Aviary was. The area was a small section of land with a river running in the middle, where you could take a boat ride which was about £4.00 for an adult ticket and I think £3.00 for a child ticket.

As I went on a sunny day there was quite a lot of people there and lot’s of kids and it took my boyfriend and I a while to find an empty bench so we could have our picnic. There differently needs to be more benches there for families and more places to buy ice creams and drinks.meet-the-monkeys-at-london-zoogorillas-at-london-zoodonkeys-at-london-zoogiraffe-at-london-zoolondon-zoo-map-2013The zoo is easy to navigate around as long as you have a map and you can easily follow the signs. There is one main gift shop by the exit of the zoo and a place to collect your family photograph that was taken before you bought the tickets. These are £10, £15 or £20 for a set of photographs. There is lot’s of things there for young children to do and a number of talks than run throughout the day.

Overall it was a good day out just like it was last year but I’d hoped there would have been more improvements made. I would still go back next year as it’s a nice day out and 2 for 1 vouchers can be used. I would love to be a zoo keeper for the day or go on one of their tours to feed the animals. There are plenty of animals to see at the Zoo so it’s worth a visit if your in London.

Here is where you can find more information about London Zoo.

Have you been to London Zoo before?

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  1. Emily Jane July 19, 2013 / 9:04 pm

    I LOVE going to the zoo. I’ve never been to London Zoo before though but after this post I’ve put it on the To Do List xo

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