Winter Beauty Routine

winter beauty routineA lot of people over winter do relax on their beauty routine and I have done this in the past. But really your just leaving more work for yourself to do in the long run. You always hear women on TV mentioning they love winter as you can pop on a pair of black tights and no one knows what your legs are like underneath. This can happen with me if it’s been a busy month but I’m trying not to stress myself too much about it but just to stay on top of it and a little bit everyday or so. Here is my weekly winter beauty routine which I try to keep up all year round.

Starting with body care I exfoliate every week as there’s nothing like having silky smooth skin. I think my skin would get quite sore if I did this everyday. My hair isn’t a fan of conditioner so I only use conditioner once a week as it leaves my hair really greasy when I don’t wash it. I use a hair mask once a month which I should really use every two weeks as I don’t use conditioner. My feet especially heels are scrubbed once a week the same with cutting toe nails.

Now on to body hair and yes we all have it. My hair grows quite quickly which is quite annoying. I have used shavers, epliators, creams, waxing and lasering and it’s still there. So I just have to live with it and sort out a routine that works for me . My favourite wax strips are the Bliss ones but they are very expensive so I only buy these if they are on offer or in the sale. I tend to use Veet strips mostly with powder to dry up the greasy on the skin and an oil for afterwards. I have been using the laser machine I wrote about here and I have seem some notice but it still grows back after time. I think for results that are going to last for a long time is to visit a **laser hair removal clinic as they have much more powerful machines. I would love to be able to one day afford to have a number of sessions and finally have something less to worry about day to day.

My skin gets quite dry all year round so I always have a lip and face scrub handy. My favourite lip scrubs are from Lush and they last a while as long as you don’t get any water in the sugar pot. I use Liz Earl cleanse and polish most days but sometimes it’s not enough to feel you have properly exfoliated your face so I will use the St Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub as the grains are a bit bigger. My favourite body moisturiser at the moment is Aveeno daily moisturising lotion which smells of oats. I also use shower gel with exfoliating mitts and I make sure I use a face mask every two weeks.

If you leave things to get worse then it will take more time to maintain them whereas keeping on top of everything when something needs doing it doesn’t take as long.

Do you keep your beauty routine up over Winter?


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