Walt Disney Studio Park Disneyland Paris

The Walt Disney Studios Park is probably a little bigger than the Disney Village. When you enter the Studios there a couple of stores and a very long queue to get your photo taken with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. You have to walk inside a studio area full of take out food places and a couple of shops and then once your outside your into the main park area. It’s best to check the Times board so see how long each ride is. There are different sections to the park and everything is quite close by. The Walt Disney Studio Park wasn’t as Christmas themed as the other park.

There is a kids area which is Toy Story themed and then an area for more extreme rides. The ride I wanted to go on the most was the Ratatouille where you get to sit in a mouse car and ride around under the tables and in the fridge. On the first day at the park there was a waiting time of 180 minutes which is crazy.

I liked the tram ride where lot’s of water and fire rush towards the tram. The Disney Animation attraction was really interesting as they talked through how they come up with the characters. The Walt Disney Studio Park has more adult rides than the Disneyland Park.

After going on the rides we wanted to go on it was hard to spend a whole day there unless you went on ever ride. On the last day before getting the Eurostar back at 6 pm. We arrived at the gates just as they opened and then ran to the Ratatouille ride. We were so lucky as there was only a 30 minute waiting time and once we came out there was an 80 minute waiting time. The Ratatouille ride was the best by far and I wish I could of gone on it again. You could get a fast track ticket but if you got one at 11 am you had to wait till 5 pm as so many people wanted to go on there.

They had a lot of old rides there so you can see why the Ratatouille ride was really popular. There were the same food places as what was in the other Disney Park. The main snacks you could get whilst walking around was mainly crepes and drinks but they were quite expensive.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris before?


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  1. Tanya Noreen XO February 22, 2015 / 11:47 pm

    I love Disneyland its my favourite place in the whole wide world!!

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