Vilamoura Portugal Shopping Haul

Whilst on holiday I do love a bit of shopping as there’s nothing like finding a gift you haven’t seen before or can’t buy anywhere else. I didn’t do as much shopping in Portugal as I hoped as I wasn’t there for long. I visited the shopping mall in Algarve which had quite a lot of stores and a food court. I also went shopping at the Vilamoura Marina.

I visited the Zara store at the Algarve shopping mall and at first I bought two bags this small silver chain leather one and a beach bag. But as leaving the store the alarm went off cause of the secutity tag hidden in the beach bag. I returned the bag as I forgot how much trouble the Zara bags are as the tags reactivate after a couple of days which then includes multiple trips to Zara stores all the time and this really puts me off their bags.

The leather bag was a bit cheaper than here in the UK it was around 25 euros. I also visited the United Colors of Benetton in the Vilamoura Marina as they had 20-30% off of everything. I ended up buying two t-shirts which a map of California on it I accidentally bought two in the same colour as one was meant to be a map of Miami. Whilst driving to the Zoo Marine we stopped of at a  store that cold pottery and tiles. I ended up buying this tile that can be nailed to the wall and it was around 3 euros. I bought two keyring’s and a post card.purchases from portugalhaul-portugal-2014Near the hotel about a 10 minute walk away is a little Ali-Super market where I bought this green shaped deodorant which is Aloe Vera I just bought it as I liked the looked of it. I also bought this hair clip in the Vilamoura Marina in a jewellery store.portugal haul 2014When I visit Europe I always like to find new Milk and Kinder chocolate and this time I found these new Milka Oreo bars which I prefer to the normal Milka Oreo bars that are bigger. I also came across a new Milka Bar who have partnered with Chips Ahoy. This is the best Milka bar they have ever made it tastes so good as it’s the right about of Milka and cookies.chocolate-and-gifts-from-portugualmilka-chocolate-chips-ahoy-portugalI also purchased a magnum bar that I hadn’t seen before and it’s meant to have caramel combined into the chocolate and it wasn’t that nice. I also like the Lays BBQ crisps but I could only find these ones this time. You can rarely find nice BBQ crisps in the UK. This is everything I bought in Portugal and I still have a lot of Euros left over which I will probably use next week if I go away to Europe.

What do you like buying on holiday?


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