Val d’Europe Shopping Centre France

When researching my trip to Disneyland Paris I notice reviews about getting food from a supermarket in a shopping centre. The Val d’Europe shopping centre was a 5 minute shuttle bus away from the Disney parks. I visited the shopping centre three times in 6 days and bought quite a lot. The shopping centre is quite big and they also have a two storey supermarket which is quite good.

They also have a sea life aquarium, Food court and a designer outlet area next door. The shopping centre was quite modern and it felt quite safe to walk around. You can also take a train one stop to the shopping centre from the Disney Parks. I looked around in most shops and they had such a good range of stores that you can’t find here in the UK. My favourite stores were Hema and Undiz. After shopping for hours we stopped at a cafe next to the supermarket.I bought a nutella crepe and a drink from the store. As I was walking around I was looking down to the ground floor and I saw a child on top of a giant dog and I was expecting to see a parent pushing him but there wasn’t. Here in the UK kids can hire out toy cars to be pushed around in but in France kids ride giant animals and control them by moving their ears which is rather strange. I took a photograph of all the animals looked away in their pen. I wish I could of spent more time at the shopping mall as it’s quite big. Most things were a little bit less due to the exchange rate. I would love to go back to Disneyland Paris again and also the shopping centre. Here are all the items I bought from Disneyland Paris. The shopping centre had a two storey supermarket where I bought beauty products, lots of chocolate and also some food for dinner. You can find everything in the supermarket and it’s quite large to walk around. The supermarket was a lot cheaper than other places in the mall and the food was a lot cheaper than at Disneyland Paris.

Have you been shopping in France before?


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  1. blushandbarbells January 24, 2015 / 11:37 pm

    What fun! I love grocery stores and supermarkets in foreign countries – there’s always a lot of surprising things to pick up!

  2. Rachel January 27, 2015 / 10:17 am

    Me too I always have to visit a local supermarket when I go away

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