Intu Lakeside Stampede Review

I always like trying new food places and was asked to try out the new Stampede restaurant in Lakeside food court the other week. I visit Lakeside every now and then as it has defiantly improved over the years especially the food court. I remember going there and the only type of food you could buy were jacket potatoes, burgers and pizza. Now Lakeside has stepped up their game and have all new food outlets that you would find in central London and a lot more cuisines to choose from.

The Stampede eatery stands out quite a bit from all the other food places mainly due to the bright pink logo. purple menu and also the giant metal bull which was quite impressive and can’t be missed.

Here is what I ordered from the menu:

Half a rack of ribs
Buffalo chicken wings
Chicken wings
Middleweight Burger with all the extras
Onion strings

Now my friend who I went with never ever eats ribs or anything off the bone unless it’s taken off the bone for him and even then his not keen on them. But this time he actually tried the half a rack of ribs and loved them. He never eats ribs at all but they had a sweet hot barbecue sauce on them so they were demolished in seconds.

The burger came with all the toppings you could think of and I love when a burger comes with a brioche bun, it defiantly makes the burger taste more premium along with the good quality beef that was used. The burger also had two beef patties as well with lot’s of melted cheese which could of filled me up on it’s own but I made sure I hadn’t eaten since lunch when I visited in the evening.

Stampede don’t do your normal onion rings they do onion strings and a massive heap of them too. They look like chips from a distance but they are actually onion strings just like onion rings but better and more of them.

The only thing that was too spicy to eat was the buffalo chicken wings as they were covered in a lot of smokey sauce so we needed plenty of drink to help us eat them. I don’t tend to normally eat spicy food but we still managed to eat them all. All the food had a lot of flavour and you could taste they were flame grilled especially the Middleweight burger.

After this massive meal for two we were pretty full up as the portions are quite big and there wasn’t any room for me to try the ice cream sandwich but there is always next time when I visit.

Stampede is defiantly as place I will go back to when I’m next at Lakeside as the quality of the food was pretty good and apparently they cook everything on charcoal as it tastes a lot better. They also do weekly deals on their Facebook page with some great offers that you can use.

Have you tried Stampede before?


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