Saving money with Coupons

For over 5 years now I have been watching the pennies and everything I spend. I tend to only have a little splurge when I go away as I can’t help buying stuff I probably wont find back in the UK. In my day to day life I spend the most money on Travel and Food. I used to write down everything I spend but I thought that took up to much time to remember but I’m hoping to find an app that easily does this. This is a mixture of saving money with coupons and my theory on saving and how I save money.

I know when I’m older and I eventually move out that it will be difficult to save as much as I can save now due to not paying too much rent. My main motto is to still not pay for anything that’s full price unless you really really have too. I find it crazy how people can just spend £40 on a plain jumper from Topshop I do have the money to pay for it but it just seems like a waste of money. I buy a couple of new pieces of clothing a year but I hate spending any more than £14,99 on a top.
DSC04440I also check the Waitrose, Tesco and Sainburys Magazine for coupons to use but I only use the coupons if I was going to buy the products anyway or a new product I wanted to try. Here are my coupons I have in my purse at the moment. I always check my coupons and vouchers before I go to a shop or restaurant. I also check the money saving apps on my phone as they sometimes offer free products from supermarkets. I don’t shop much at Tesco anymore as all my food shopping used to be done there but now I shop around lot’s of stores and buy less. I also have a few club card vouchers from Tesco that I either double up with their summer boast program or I spend them if I don’t have any change on me. I also have a few gift cards from Birthdays and competitions I have won. I hate paying full price for something if I don’t have too so I rarely do unless it’s for food or travel.

There are a couple of UK sites that offer coupons that you can print at home. Super Savvy Me offers a selection of household coupons which I sometimes use but normally the products they feature are expensive to start with so you only get £1-£2 off.

I would love to know how you personally save money or if you don’t?


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