Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Haul

I love buying things when I’m on holiday especially if it’s things I can’t get here in the UK. I didn’t take a lot of spending money with me but I still ended up spending quite a bit especially on the cruise and in Bruge. I have put together a cruise haul of all the items I bought on the ship and in each country. fossil-purses-from-the-royal-caribbean-adventure-of-the-seas-2014On the cruise in the Handbag and Accessory store they had discounts some of the brands such a Kipling and Fossil. I really needed a large travel purse that I could use for passports next time I go away. I came across this these two Fossil purses which I couldn’t decide between so I bought both, as they were discounted but then a US tax was added on top so they were a similar price to Fossil products here in the UK. I can’t wait to use the purses over Summer.inside-the-fossil-marlow-zip-clutch-metalicAs I only had around an hour and half in Bruge I had to shop quite quickly. Each place I visit I like to buy a number of souvenirs for my glass cabinet. I try to make sure I get a plate to go on my wall when I move out. My parents use our laundry room to put all their travel plates and souvenirs on the wall. My favourite item I bought from Bruge was the three houses that represents Bruge on what it’s known for.bruges-haul-from-belgium
This was my last purchase from Bruge as I couldn’t find one anywhere. I also bought some chocolate but they were quite expensive so I couldn’t buy a lot. A lot of the souvenir stores had the same items but the chocolate stores had a bit of variety. I didn’t visit that many stores as we didn’t have enough time which was a shame. Some of the items I bought from Bruge were gifts for my family.What-I-bought-in-Bruges-Royal-Caribbean-Adventure-of-the-SeasIn Le Havre I bought four bottles of Bioderma which I do every time I go to France as I use Bioderman twice a day before bed and in the morning. One bottle nearly lasts me 6 months.adventure-of-the-seas-to-bruges-and-le-havreThe Bioderma was 18 euros for two from a pharmacy. I also visited a supermarket in Coty shopping centre and bought some Oreo Milka which I love but the UK doesn’t sell it. Over the years I have been collecting postcards of all the places I have visited so I bought one in Burge, one in Le Havre and one of the cruise ship.what-I-bought-in-Le-Havre-with-adventure-of-the-seasI bought a number of gifts from the Logo store on the ship. All my cruise items from the logo store came to around $50. My sister bought the number plate last year when she went so I bought one this time for myself. In the gift stores on the ship they always have a small section of souvenirs form countries that you aren’t visiting such as Russia and Norway.what-I-bought-on-the-royal-caribbean-adventure-of-the-seasI bought this Norway Troll statue which was around $13 as I didn’t buy one when I went to Norway as they were too expensive. The trolls are kind of scary but this is a woman and man under a Norwegian though my cruise was only four days I wished I had more shopping time in each country to buy more gifts and of course more chocolate. I love shopping in different countries as you never know what your going to find.

What has been your favourite thing you have purchases abroad?


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  1. Rachel June 8, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    Yeah they are so expensive here in the UK could never buy them here.

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