Review: Green People Products

I have been using this Sensitive Skin Solution for a couple of weeks now. It is quite like the 3 step system you buy from brands where you use three products together. The Green People set has a cleanser and make up remover which is used first then you apply the Anti-aging moisturiser and the last product is the eye cream. I started off with the cleanser which I was expecting it to be in a form of liquid but it was actually like a moisturiser gel. I used a cotton wool ball like I normally do to cleanse but the cotton wool ball was coming apart and sticking to my face. I didn’t have a good start when I was using this I must say. I managed to get the wool off of my face and wipe the rest of the cleanser off. I then applied the anti-ageing moisturiser which was the same texture as the cleanser. Both creams didn’t smell of anything and they were both a dull grey colour.

Whilst applying the moisturiser my face did feel as if it was drowning in product. I tapped around my eyes with the eye cream as it helps to reduce the puffiness. After using all three products I couldn’t tell if my face felt extremely clean and moisturised or if it was just very greasy and didn’t feel clean at all. The next morning my face was a little greasy so after a quick wash I did notice how soft and clean my skin looked. So after all the discomfort and unease the night before it was worth it for the results in the morning. I can’t wait to keep using the products especially the eye cream as I don’t tend to use eye cream but there’s days when I really do need to due to the dark circles and puffiness. I was also sent a sun lotion to try as well which I will be taking on holiday with me this year so expect a review then as the weather in England isn’t that sunny at the moment. Join Green People over on their Twitter @GreenPeopleUK this month to join in the discuss of having sensitive skin using the #sensitiveskin to talk to their skincare experts.

Have you tried any products from Green People before?


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