Review: Cadbury’s New Ritz and LU Bars

The other day I was lucky to enough to try out the new Biscuit bars from Cadbury’s. They have teamed up with the biscuit brands Ritz and LU to produce two new mini bars. Cadbury’s* New Ritz and LU Bars can be found in most supermarkets across the UK.Cadburys-new-biscuit-barsI have eaten the Cheesy crackers by Ritz in the past but I don’t remember seeing the brand LU before in the supermarkets. LU is meant to be a sweet biscuit whereas the Ritz biscuit is meant to be salty and savoury. The bars are 35 grams each and they both contain eight biscuits sandwiched together with a thick layer of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk in between.

As soon as you bite into the Ritz Cadbury bar you get a bit of a surprise of a mixture of salt from the Ritz cheese crackers and a sweet milky taste from the Cadbury’s chocolate. The Ritz bar is a bit hit or miss as I like the Ritz biscuits but I’m not used to eating something sweet and savoury at the same time. I also don’t instantly want to dip this in my tea as it’s just too salty for me. I can’t eat a lot of this 35g bar as the salt is quite overpowering and there’s a strong taste when your eating sweet and salt together.

After trying the LU Sweet Biscuit with Cadbury’s dairy milk I instantly needed to make some tea and dunk it in my tea. The LU biscuit isn’t overpowering with sweetness but it’s kind of like a rich tea biscuit plus it has lots of Cadbury’s chocolate in between the biscuits so it was very nice to dunk in my tea as the chocolate melted you are then left with a sweet biscuit. I think Cadbury’s need to make bigger bars of the LU biscuits. The Lu biscuits were definitely my favourite out of the two as I could easily eat another two bars of it as the biscuit and Cadbury’s chocolate goes really well together.

After trying out both of Cadbury’s new Ritz and Lu bars I can certainly say if you are bored of plain chocolate bars and want to try something new then these are the chocolate bars to buy. If you enjoy savoury and sweet together then the Ritz bar is for you but if not then there’s something for everyone as you can try the sweet LU biscuit with Cadbury’s dairy milk also don’t forget to break the bar into fours and dunk them in your tea.

Have you tried the Cadbury’s Ritz and LU bars before?


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