Review: Boots Smooth Skin Extra by Ipulse

I was luckily invited to a Boots event at the Mayfair Hotel in London a couple of months ago. I was greeted with some lovely people that worked at Boots head office and also staff from some of the Boots stores. After hanging up my coat I was offered a cute paper cone filled with fish and chips and a glass of champagne. I have to admit I had two or three fish and chip cones as they tasted so nice.
The event featured two main brands which were SensatioNail and Smooth Skin Extra by Ipulse. I had never heard of the two before and you could test try the products that were displayed.

After looking at the products and test trying them everyone went into a small conference room and there was a couple of presentations on the two brands which was quite interesting.

Learning about the Smooth Skin Extra by ipulse product was rather interesting as it was about the technology of the system and about the different types of hair growth. At the event I met the lovely Anita who knows absolutely everything about the Smooth Skin Extra by ipulse device and hair growth.

I remember an old boots hair removal device years ago and that there was no skin tester like on the ipulse device. The tester tests what skin colour you have and it sets the device at the right power whereas the customer choose what power they had it at. Choosing what power it should be yourself isn’t good as everyone wants to get rid of unwanted hair quickly so customers will just go with the highest setting which can be dangerous.

Boots have rebuilt and upgraded the device to the Smooth Skin Exra by ipulse. The main differences is the skin tester which tests to see if the device is suitable for your skin and if it is it will set the right level of power you need for your skin type. The hair removal device has 100,000 flashes which will last quite a long time but I do think people who are using it on a large surface area may run out of flashes and the bulb can’t be re-bought which is the only downfall. The SmoothSkin extra IPL Permanent Hair Reduction System is only available at Boots and at the moment there is £100 off which is pretty big saving.

My skin was tested on the device and it came up number 1 which is the palest of skin types. I always knew I had very pale skin, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. With the ipulse device comes some activator gel which needs to be applied every time the device is used. The hair needs to be shaved then the gel can be applied this way the device is safe. I’m not sure where I’ll be using this device yet possibly on my legs. I will keep you updated on the progress and how well the device works.

Have you tried laser hair removal before?


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