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If there’s one thing I love buying its handbags well designer ones that is. I wouldn’t really spend a lot of money on clothes as they always get old or I grow out of them so I’d rather pay a lot for something that will last a long time. Whilst I was at university I stopped buying expensive bags and went back to high street bags. After just using high street bags for a month I was already throwing them away and I’m talking Zara bags mainly.

Lauren-by-Ralph-Lauren-Newbury-large-tote-bag-cruiseSo after graduating this summer I was on the hunt for a new handbag I’m not really fussy with the brand as long as I love the handbag that’s all that matters plus obviously it has to be real leather as this will last longer. I gave up my search when I went on my two cruise but luckily came across some handbags on board the ship. As it was an American ship everything was in dollars and they had designers from Lauren by Ralph Lauren and DKNY.

Lauren-by-Ralph-Lauren-Newbury-large-tote-bag-reviewI tried on all the bags from the Ralph’s Lauren range as I’m not keen on DKNY bags. I had two weeks to decide whether to get it or not. I had internet minutes to use on the ship so I Googled the price of the bags at home. They are stocked in House of Fraser for £280 which I’d never pay that for it.


The tote bag is called Newbury and comes in three sizes small, medium and large I opted for the large size so that it fits on my shoulder. It also comes with a dust bag to keep it safe. It fastens with a magnet and the other sizes fasten with a zip. Inside is quite large so I can fit my canon, purse and bits and pieces in. There are two pockets inside to keep items separate.

Also in the store they had wallets and purses I thought this wallet was a travel wallet as I had also been looking one but it was $98 and that was too much for a travel wallet. During the cruise I found out it was a wallet not a travel one and it was now only $39 in the sale and I couldn’t say no at that price. The wallet is leather and nearly matches the handbag. The wallet is the right size as some of my other ones are quite big and bulky whereas this is quite slim.

What is your favourite designer bag?


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