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As its coming up to London Fashion Week where I’ll be attending shows at the Fashion Scout and working on the entrances of London Fashion Week at Somerset House. I will also be working backstage at the Peter Pilotto and also on the show day too. I have been running around the week before trying to find outfits for LFW so I thought I would do a haul of the purchases even thought I only ended up buying a plain black top for LFW. I popped to some local places where I live and then went to Westfield as there’s a better range of stores there. Also I haven’t been proper shopping at all this year so I’m also looking for other items too.
I purchased a burgundy ruffle top from H&M and a Green fur coat which was also from H&M. These I didn’t end up wearing to London Fashion Week but I did but a plain black top to wear as I’m meant to wear all black.

Firstly I always pop into Primark so see what they have and is now where I buy most of my pyjamas from since La Senza stopped selling their novelty ones. The pyjamas don’t last long in Primark once you wash them.primark-haul-septemberI got these Bambi Disney bottoms I tend to find Primark has way more bottoms in store than tops as I can never find any I like or separate ones. I also picked up some frilly socks from Primark as I saw them in Topshop but they were a lot more. These will look really cute with boots in the winter.

I have been looking for a candle burner for a while now for my Yankee Candle tarts. I have seen lots I have I liked but they have always been over £5. I came across an American flag one in the 99p store and as I love America I just had to buy it plus it was only 99p. Also this month I have always been debating whether to purchase the Yankee Candle Halloween products but as it’s only one day out of the year I didn’t want to spend a lot so I was lucky to come across this pumpkin holder in Waitrose for £2.halloween-candle-accessoriesI bought the hanging black cat from a Yankee Candle store on eBay as they had sold out on line everywhere except eBay. This is really cute and I can hang it on anything but it’s meant to really hang on the side of a candle jar.

The other week I went to a department store where I live and there is only one of them in the country. I found a basket of Yankee Candles on a shelf and the tarts were 50p each and the samplers were 90p I wish I had bought more now. They also had 2 for £10 on tea lights and small jars but only on selected lines.yankee-candle-saleMy boyfriend bought me the Snowflake Cookie tart and the Lemon Lavender tart as I couldn’t find the Snowflake Cookie tart anywhere and the Lemon Lavender candle is my favourite.
I can’t wait to try the Merry Marshmallow sampler as this was also sold out online and I bought this from Debenhams. The Snowflake Cookie smells just like the icing on a cookie and the Merry Marshmallow one smells really sweet like a marshmallow I would defiantly try this to if you see them as they are perfect for Christmas.

I’m not sure why these are nearly sold out everywhere but I was in Boots in Blackfriars and thought I would try Maybelline Baby Lips as they were only £2.99 and it was 3 for 2 I went to two different Boots but one wasn’t doing 3 for 2 for some reason. maybelline-baby-lipsI bought the Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Hydrate I always carry lip balms with me as I never wear lipstick. The Cherry Me was in my September Favourites as I loved the red colour on my lips and there was no horrible taste like the other two.

What have you bought this month?


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  1. Georgina October 22, 2013 / 2:49 pm

    I never imagined than when I got older I would spend so much money on candles! I am glad I am not alone as it seems that a lot of women feel the same,especially with yankee candles they are beaut!!

    Lovely blog xxxxx

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