Patisserie Valerie Review

For years now I have noticed a lot of Patisserie Valerie stores in London and they have always been packed but I always stop and browse at their cakes through the window. Their cakes are really mouth watering but they come at a price. I went to visit family the other week and went shopping. Whilst I was there and I noticed a Patisserie Valerie had opened up and I also found out they are have opened them in shopping centres too. Patisserie Valerie is definitely a high end place where you would treat yourself every now and then but not a weekly cake trip. Saying that I would definitely get my coffee from there in the future instead of from Starbucks and Costa as it’s a decent coffee and it’s not all just milk and with a tasteless coffee taste. I actually visited twice in two weeks and I took my mum as a treat one day. The first visit was great I ordered a Chocolate Mousse and a Latte.

It came to around £7 something and it was £1.50 to eat in as you can also take cakes and coffee away. The staff and customer service were helpful when it came to explaining the cakes but the ordering isn’t done very well as when they pass you the cake there is no space by the till to put the cake whilst I pay and they also hand you a table number so they can find you when your coffee is ready as they bring it over to you. The cashier balanced the table number on the till machine it’s self whilst I balanced the plate with my cake on on the side of the sandwich counter which was near the floor and could have fallen off. This was also the same problem the second time I visited. Patisserie Valerie sells a range of slices of cakes, pastries, paninis, hot drinks and quiches. The second visit I made I had a different cake which wasn’t as good as the Chocolate mousse. The latte’s were amazing and I’m sure it would be the same coffee you would probably get in Italy as you could really taste the coffee beans and it was really strong. I will definitely be going back to Patisserie Valerie when I’m out and I want a treat as the food and drink are such good quality even though they are lacking on the customer service. I thought I’d sign up to their newsletter for offers and I was offered a 10% off my next purchase and there’s an expiry date so you can go as many times until the time is up.

Have you been to Patisserie Valerie before?

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