Orlando Haul

My parents went to Orlando the other week and I gave them some money to get me a few bits. Here is a little Orlando haul I put together. A couple of years ago I bought some red party cups that you see in all the American movies which have now all been used. My parents found these mini red shot cups which will get some use for games.

My mum decided to buy the 5 pieces of underwear for $27 and I got two of them to add to my collection as I have so many.If you love Ralph Lauren then you have to visit the outlet as my parents bought me this hoodie for $48 which is so soft and would cost fortune here.

I also got a Hello Kitty laptop stand for my lap which I have been wanting for a while now as my legs get too hot. I got a couple of other pieces such as a panda mug, notebook, lip gloss and a large Yankee Candle. The large Yankee Candles in America were 5 for $50 something which is a lot cheaper than here at £19.99 each. I got some Reese’s cups which I hadn’t tried before and a giant Mickey Mouse Cookie which was $4.99.

The main item I wanted my parents to track down was a black medium Michael Kors Selma bag. I have been wanting one for nearly two years now and they never go on offer here and I can’t bring myself to pay £260 for one. My parents first went to the Michael Kors store but luckily decided to pop next door to Macys and I’m so glad they did. Macy’s had a 25% off offer on all their Michael Kors products. The bag came to around £158 with tax. I’m so glad it was cheaper but I wished my parents had phoned me about the offer as I would of bought other items.

My parents enjoyed there time visiting some of the Disney parks and shopping but they realised how different it had changed. Americans love to talk to anyone and this had seemed to of stopped as people are more busy on their phones and tablets these days which is a shame. It was mainly the interaction between parents and children with parents being on their phones instead of talking to their kids and just less interaction which is obviously happening anywhere you go.

What are your favourite products from America?


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