NHM Coral Reefs Secret Cities of the Sea

I was quite excited about a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum the other week and decided to visit on my day off. I Googled a few images people had taken and it looked quite good. The Exhibition is called Coral Reefs Secret Cities of the Sea. The admission price was £11 for an adult ticket which is quite a lot. The price completely put me off of going until I came across it on the Days Out Guide website.

The voucher was 2 for 1 on tickets. I was happy with paying £11 for two people. The Natural History Museum was quite packed as it was a sunny day in London and there were lot’s of school trips. The exhibition wasn’t busy at all and there was no queue to go in which was good. As you walk in it’s basically one large room with videos of the underwater Coral and projectors on the ceiling of the underwater corals. There were a few interactive pieces in the room from an underwater game to touch screens and moving underwater.I learned quite a few things about Coral and that they are living and they also spawn. There were a few displays of Coral and animals in jars that had been preserved. They also had the long camera called Catlin that they used to film the Corals. The hexagon shapes in the room show how Coral is structured together which was quite interesting to know. At the end of the room was a small fish tank full of Coral and fish which was nice to look at. I was expecting a really long Coral tank that would of had a better impact. Just before the exit to the gift shop was a little seating area showing people filming underwater.I did learn a few new names of Coral and how they are important to the ocean and other animals. To get around the Coral Reef Secret Cities of the Sea Exhibition it can easily take 45 minutes to walk around. Of course there is a small gift shop at the end which is my favourite part of any Exhibition. Most things were too expensive to buy but they had quite a few different pieces. They had postcards, necklaces, shell dishes and books. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price as it didn’t feel as it was worth £11 for an adult ticket. I do wish it had a large fish tank though.

Have you been to the Natural History Museum before?


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