Natural History Museum Sensational Butterflies

Whist at the Natural History Museum the other month I also thought it would be good to visit the Sensational Butterflies which is on the East Lawn of the Museum. They have been running this for a few summers now and I hadn’t got round to visiting before. It’s basically a large white tent that feels like a green house which contains hundreds of different butterflies. I love that you can spend as much time as you want in there as there a few benches inside.

Tickets were reasonably priced at £5.90 for an adult and child ticket. You can also buy a family ticket too. On going in you have to make sure you don’t let any butterflies out and also on the way out too. As we were siting in there we did see a lady from the gift shop with a butterfly in a net that she had court so they can escape. Once inside it’s really humid and there’s a pathway which seems to go through a jungle like atmosphere. Butterflies are freely flying around everywhere and every now and then they will land on you which is nice. I tried to get a photograph of the butterflies landing but they flew off too quickly. I went during there day so it wasn’t that busy at the Sensational Butterflies even though the lawns outside were packed with people relaxing and school groups of children. There are other places you can visit where you can experience butterflies flying around you and that’s at London Zoo and other zoos across the country. I think the ticket price was worth it but if it was anymore then I probably wouldn’t of gone. At the end there was a little gift shop with lot’s of butterfly themed gifts. This would be such a good day out for children as they will love the butterflies flying around them as it’s a great experience. Sensational Butterflies will be at the Natural History Museum all summer and the nearest train station is South Kensington and it’s a short walk away.

Have you been to the Natural History Museum before?


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