Money Saving Tips: Food

Coupons can be found everywhere if you know where to look. You can find Coupons on the Money Saving Expert Forum as this is where people post the Coupons they have found. You can also check out Brands Facebook pages as sometimes if you like a brand on Facebook they offer you a printable voucher. Vouchers can also be found in the supermarket magazines at Tesco and Sainburys.

Coupons depending on the terms and conditions can be printed or shown on your phone. At the moment if you sign up to the Krispy Kreme Doughnut website you get a free glazed doughnut from any store. You will be surprised at how many vouchers or coupons there are if you look for coupons were sent to be from the Change for life scheme the Government has set up. I registered to their website and got sent some fridge magnets, a food swap paper wheel and some coupons.

I love my John Lewis and Waitrose loyalty cards the only down side to them is that they don’t have a store in every town. But when I’m in central London I just Google Map the nearest stores to me. With the Waitrose card you just have to get a temporary card from any Waitrose and register online and you will be sent a card along with two keyring cards.

You don’t earn points on the Waitrose card but instead you get a free tea or coffee one a day, everyday. A free newspaper when you have spent over £5. You will also get vouchers sent to you in the post for money off and free products depending on how much you spend.

Waitrose Free Milk
The other day in the free Waitrose paper was a voucher to get FREE MILK. It was for the 1% fat purple lid milk which was two pints. I haven’t tried this milk before but it tastes just like Semi Skimmed milk. The free newspaper at Waitrose is a great place to look for the odd voucher that might be

John lewis
To get a John Lewis loyalty card you have to create an online account and then there’s an option to apply for a card. Everytime you purchase something in John Lewis you can use you card and you will be invited to exclusive events ect. The best bit about signing up is the Free tea and cake vouchers where you can use them once a month. This is such a great idea as when I’m near a John Lewis I can treat myself to a free tea and cake. I actually used my January one up the other day and found out that you don’t have to pick from just cakes but also cookies and priestesses which is great.john-lewis-free-tea-and-cake-vouchers Using the two cards will and have saved me a lot of money already. I don’t tend to go to Costa or Starbucks any more unless I  really have to and there’s no Waitrose or John Lewis nearby as if I can get one for free why would I pay for one.

How do you save money?


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