M&M World London 2012 Review

On Thursday I decided it was about time I took a visit to the M&M world in London as it has been open for quite a while and I haven’t managed to get round to going yet. I have already been to the M&M world stores in Orlando and Las Vegas so I wasn’t expecting the store to be the same as them. The outside of the store was plain with a little M&M sign but I think they could have made the outside building a bit more visually nice as If I was walking across the road from it I wouldn’t have even of noticed it was M&M world. But as soon as you walk in you’re greeted with a member of staff with a shopping bag and some security men who are all wearing M&M ties which was quite nice. In the door way of the store you can walk under a giant red London bus which takes you through to the store where they have an upstairs and two down stairs floor. They stock everything that could have M&M put on it and they had a good range of low-priced products along with a medium range and an expensive range which consist of Swarovski M&M mirrors. They did have some products that were in the sale but they didn’t make such a big deal of the sale unless you checked the back of the products to see for yourself.

On each floor they had some M&M statues and M&M paintings and my favourite was the Beatles zebra crossing with the M&M’s walking across. I also liked the ray of colours of the M&M chocolate tubes where you can buy a massive bag full but I didn’t get any as it was 100 grams for £1.99 and I’m sure M&M peanuts weigh a lot so I’d get about 5 of them. Also what I noticed is that I think they were putting chocolate smells in the air vents as at one point I got a gush of chocolate whilst walking up the stairs and I was thinking was this to make me want chocolate so that I’d buy some there or was it to go with the experience of it being a chocolate shop.

Overall it was a great store to visit as all the visitors in the store looked very happy to be there and everyone was taking photographs of everything so it was a great atmosphere. They also had a machine which you stand in front of and it tells you what colour M&M you are and what it means too but the line was too long for that so I passed. If you are in London I would recommend visiting the store for the experience even if you don’t pick a massive bag of M&Ms before you leave.

Have you been to the M&M store here in London, New York or in Orlando?
What’s your favourite M&M mines the M&M peanuts?



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