Michael Kors Selma Medium Bag Review

For over 2 years now I have been wanting to buy the Michael Kors Selma bag in Black and in the Medium size. I could never buy anything full price that is expensive and even sometimes cheaper items. The MICHAEL Michael Kors Black Medium Selma bag retails at £260 which isn’t too bad for a bag but I just don’t like paying full price. I know sometimes the bags go in the sale but it never seemed to be the black one which is known as a classic style and colour. I really liked the Black Mid Messenger over the shoulder bag which doesn’t have a handle and is a lot smaller and retails for £195.

Luckily my parents were going on holiday to Orlando for a week and I printed off a picture for them and gave them some dollars for the bag. The day before they left they found a Michael Kors store in the mall near them. They were just about to buy it for $298 excluding tax but then my dad noticed a Macys next door and decided to quickly look in there. Macys always have lot’s of offers on and sometimes people from the UK and other countries can get a 10% off card.

I was so glad they went to Macys as they were having a 25% off on all their Michael Kors products. We would never get that kind of discount here in the UK on any designer brands. I wish my parents had phoned me to tell me about the promotion as I would of bought more items with the extra 25% off. The bag came to around £158 including tax. In America when you find something you like once it’s been scanned at the till tax will be added and the price will go up which is a bit annoying. Whereas here in the UK tax is already applied to the price so you know what your paying.

The Selma bag comes in a white dust bag which I was hoping going to be a little bit more quality than it was. I love the size of the Medium bag as it’s the perfect size and proportion to me. The bag is really sturdy and the strap is just about long enough. Most handbags I use are black as they go with everything and I love a classic bag. The Selma medium saffiano leather satchel is Height 21cm, width 28.5cm, depth 13.5cm and is 100% leather.

What is your favourite handbag?


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