May Shopping Haul

Here is my May shopping Haul of some of the purchases I bought in the month of May.
I popped into a B&M store the other day and picked up a Muslin cloth as it was around 69p that was the only thing I actually ended up buying. John Lewis had another price match day and they had 10% off of Clinique Surge Moisturiser as I have been using this for a long time now and I had ran out and it’s quite expensive. I also bought a Dead Sea Active Seaweed Mask as I was looking for a good face mask. Unlike normal face masks this does seem a little bit more technical as you have to mix the mixture with water and put vaseline on your eyebrows. I will be looking forward to trying this and hopefully I can get at least two uses out of it.

I have been using YSL Shocking mascara for a few years now and I decided to finally try and new mascara due to the fact that the shocking mascara wasn’t waterproof and every now and then it flakes when it’s to hot. I decided to also get the Dior Waterproof Show mascara from the John Lewis price match. The Dior Show mascara had a lot of reviews on John Lewis and it’s waterproof so I’m hoping to replace this with my YSL Shocking mascara if its suitable. Ok this is my final item I bought from John Lewis and that was the Korres Wile Rose Moisturiser as it was 50% off.I really wanted a thick moisturiser that I could wear at night time to hydrate my skin. I haven’t tried any Korres beauty products before just the their bath products. I will be using this products this month so I will report back on how they are. I visited Lakeland and found this lace tray for 49p because it had a little mark on it. This will be perfect for my beauty products to be stored in. One of my favourite home ware stores to shop is Tkmaxx. I picked up this Pantone pot which was £1 and also two of these egg cups which were also a £1 each. I haven’t heard of the brand Pantone before but after doing a quick search it turns out it’s a paint company that produce products for the home and you can get them any colour your like.

What have you been buying this month?


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