Magimix Food Processor 5200XL Review

For a few years now I have started to get more and more interested in food and making food from scratch. In my family home we just about have a whisk and recently this year we bought a nutri-bullet. I had been looking online for months and months trying to work out what the best all round food processor I could afford and what would do the job the best. I never realized until this year that the food processor actually does the job of many other appliances. You can easily find food blenders for £100-£300+ but why would you get one of those that only does one job that is to blend. I’m always looking for recipes online and they always involve some kind of whisking and or blending and I never had anything to use at home.

After months of putting some money aside I was finally about to cave in and spend £350 on a Magimix Food Process 5200XL but I thought I’d wait until all the sales had started. Of course I love John Lewis and I had an email about their sale starting so I went straight to the Kitchen Appliances online and they had a Teal Magimmix Food Processor 5200XL with £150 off and it was down to £249 and it came with all the accessories. I just had to go in the store the next day and buy it as I hadn’t seen one so cheap before.I didn’t mind about the colour as it was such a good price. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have made home made mayonnaise, scones, pesto, hummus, buttercream and burgers. It comes with a number of attachments which covers basically everything plus you can buy more online. I’m looking forward to using the dough blade and the juicer over summer.There are only two negative things I can find about the food processor and that is the XL size. The XL I would say is really for catering even though there’s another two bowls you can’t actually mix anything in the medium bowl as that’s for grating. Another thing that is a tad annoying is if I’m making pesto in the small bowl it leaks down into the medium and large bowl so I have to wash everything. Even though it was experience I just know that I’ll have it for years and years plus it has a good warranty too. The Magimix food processor is always on kitchen top as if it was stored away then I would use it less. I can’t wait to use this especially when I cook for special occasions.

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