Lumiere Festival London

The other month on a weekend I had off of work I decide to visit the Lumiere Light Festival in London. The Lumiere festival ran for four days and started at 6pm-10pm each evening. I was quite excited as I really wanted to see the Aquarium that was in a telephone box near Grosvenor Square. I started off at Leicester square to see the giant flowers and I felt like I was in bugs life. There were lot’s of people there and also lot’s of security guiding people around as there was normally one way in and one way out. I stayed in Leicester square for a bit then slowly walked on to Regent Street. There were a few things to check out along this route and the roads had been closed for the festival. Firstly there was the flying fish that changed colours and were like giant kites flying up and down. Around one of the corners from Regent Street was an elephant that had been protected onto an arch way under a tunnel.

It looked really realistic and you could see both sides of the elephant and it played really loud elephant noises which was quite entertaining and unusual to see in Regent Street. Along Oxford Street there was a art piece in the air going across the road. It was wires that changed colours and it looked like an illusion. The main attraction for visiting London on the Saturday evening was to actually see the Aquarium in the telephone box but unfortuntely it has been smashed and it was all boarded up. There was a lot of disappointed people walking around it but no one actually telling anyone that it can’t be viewed. There was also artwork projected onto a large building near Regent Street and viewing boxes to stand in too. There were 100s of people about walking around viewing all the art work so it was a really good atmosphere. I do wish I had spent some time researching about the artists behind each piece.

It was a really good evening and plenty of people took to the streets but it was a shame I didn’t see the aquarium. There was plenty more exhibits to see that evening but I had run out of time as it was getting quite late.


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