I wanted to write this post so that I can show my loyalty cards that I use and what ones are always in my purse so that I can bring awareness of what’s available for people as some companies don’t like to show they have a loyalty scheme. When I go shopping whether that’s online or at the mall I always like to get a discount on a full price item as once again us Brits pay way more than anyone else in the world for products which is really unfair but we can’t exactly change that but we can at least try to pay a little less on what we buy.

There are many ways to get some money off of items but you just have to remember as sometimes myself I forget and buy things full price when I could of got at least 20% off.There are loyalty cards that stores have, browser shopping tools, online codes people can use and also employee discounts.

The main website I check every now and then is Money Saving Expert which is a website that is updated regularly that shows the high street sales, discounted codes, cheap beauty buys and advice on saving/banking. I love this website as it can help you save a lot on shopping and on days out. MoneySavingExpert.com

I also use two browsers on my laptop one is called Invisible Hand this works by downloading it for your toolbar and then when you type a product into Google the Invisible Hand bar will appear at the top of your webpage telling you what store stocks it at a cheaper price. This is kind of like price runner but it’s a lot easier to use.

Another browser tool I use is the Boots Treat Street which also has to be downloaded to the toolbar and a number of companies have signed up to the Boots treat street scheme such as Ebay, New Look, Clarks, Oasis, Lastminute.com, Matalan and many more well-known companies. So whilst you’re shopping online you enable the toolbar and when you purchase your items you collect Boots points at the same time that can be spent in Boots. I have used this card a lot and have already received over 100 Boots points from it. Boots Treat Street website

These are the Loyalty cards that I carry in my purse and I have to admit sometimes I do forget to use them.

  • Black Vanilla has two stores in London and they offer 10% on all products except the Gelato and Sorbetto.
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen has a loyalty card that I don’t think many people know about but to use this card you need a valid Nus card to get 40% off of their burgers but it doesn’t include side orders. You will have to go into GBK and ask for the student card. GBK also offer a loyalty card for non-students and this is similar to the Nandos loyalty card.
  • Costa Coffee offers a point’s scheme for every purchase you buy and then you can spend the points at Costa. This card can be picked up from any Costa Coffee store.
  • Nus Card is a must have card for all students it gets 20% off of Frankie’s and Bennys and 10-20% off of retail stores which is always a big help. This card has to be bought online.
  • Superdrugs have a point scheme just like boots and the prices in Superdrug’s are normally cheaper than Boots.
  • Boots have a point’s scheme which is great and if you go to the machines in store you can get more discounts on products.
  • Nandos have recently changed their loyalty scheme and old cards won’t be accepted passed 30 June.
  • Pinkberry have just started a loyalty card scheme which is great if you love Pinkberry. It is also similar to the Nandos card.

It would be great to know what you think about Loyalty cards or if you know any good ones?  Which ones do you use?



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