London: Shopping Haul

Once or twice a month I visit Westfield in Stratford as it’s only about 30-40 minutes away by train. My favourite store to visit is the John Lewis department store which is located at one end of the shopping mall near the Stratford International Station. I love looking in the sale in John Lewis as you never know what your going to find. The other week I came across a number of Kate Spade products in the sale I didn’t even know they stocked the brand. I found a Kate Spade Keep it Safe Paper Weight which is quite nice, a vase and a bottle stopper. I decided on the paper clip as it’s quite cute and I also bought one for Sweetpea London’s Birthday in August. kate-spade-keep-it-together-paperclip-john-lewiskate-spade-new-york-paper-clip-john-lewis-londonWhilst shopping online at John Lewis I bought the Anorak Kissing rabbits flannel. Anorak is a new company I have come across that sell a number of household and travel products based on bold prints. The prints are mostly animal prints such as hedgehogs, reindeer’s, birds and rabbits. I love their travel bags and I hope to buy one soon.anorak-kissing-rabbit-flannel-john-lewisI popped into the 99p store when I was shopping to buy some chocolate and I came across a mini picnic blanket that is perfect for two people to sit on so I will be taking this with me on picnics in the summer. I wished I had bought it in green now so it blends with the grass other day I got this as a gift from my boyfriend as he went to Westfield before coming to meet me. He picked up this Paperchase Travel Notebook and as you may know I love anything to do with travel, he also bought me another Jelly Cat soft toy which is a bright pink have three Jelly Cat toys now but if your expecting a baby these are perfect. After talking about them to Georgina over at she took the splurge and purchased the bedtime bunny which is wearing a cute dress which I’m sure her baby will love. Not long after she ended up buying another Jelly Cat toy that hangs on to a pram, once you buy one you just need to buy more.sistema-products-reviewI really hope summer arrives in the UK soon as at the moment it’s pouring down with rain. I love the summer time the little bit that we get every year and I always like to make the most of it. I love picnic items and food containers probably a bit too much. I haven’t come across this brand before which is Sistema and they sell all different size food containers even really small ones for yoghurt and bottles sauces. The larger containers can be quite expensive depending where you buy them from.
I have seen them on Amazon, in Sainsburys, Waitrose and in TKmaxx. I ended up buying mine from Waitrose as they had a 25% off promotion at the time. I bought the one which comes with a bottom compartment, a top section, knife and folk and a mini pot for sauce to go into. I have used it a number of times for work along with my Starbucks water bottle my parents got me from America. I hope Sistema goes on offer again so I can stock up on food containers to go.muji-passport-casemuji-travel-caseA couple of weeks ago I saw the Muji sale email in my inbox and thought I would have a look as I haven’t been on the website for a while now as it tends to be a little expensive. I decided to purchase two items one was a passport case which is actually quite big and also a medium size travel toiletries holder which I have been wanting for ages now. I can’t wait to take this with me to Disneyland Paris in November as when I went away in June I had trouble keeping passports with me all the time and tickets.waitrose-socks-and-hello-kitty-hand-wipesI picked up two items from Waitrose the other week a cute pair of socks which were £2 and some Hello Kitty Hand wipes for £1 which is pretty last purchases are from the Zara Home sale and I bought white pineapple cupboard handles for £1.99 and two pot holders which are actually for my mum so she can left the pots out of the oven. I love when Zara home has a sale on as you can get some lovely items that are more than 50% off.

What have you been buying lately?


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  1. Beccy (@beccyboki) July 24, 2014 / 10:41 am

    Lovely bits and pieces – the Kate Spade clip is gorgeous! I have also picked up a couple of the picnic blankets – they are great!

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

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