London: Natural History Museum’s Giant Squid

This was the main reason and how I found out about the Natural History Museum tour. My boyfriend and I found online that there was a Giant Squid displayed in London in a museum. Now I’m 50/50 about squids in general as they do actually scare me a bit to think that something that big is lurking at the bottom of the ocean. I have also seen many films with giant squids and they have alway’s left me feeling a little on edge. However as I’m a little scared of them I’m still quite intrigued by them as they don’t look like anything else in the ocean. So I thought why not let’s go see the giant squid and that’s when we found out it was on the behind the scene tours at the Natural History Museum which is called Spirit Collection Tours. I couldn’t beleive that it was a FREE tour.natural-history-museum As you can see the giant squid needed to be in a giant tank which was very long. The squid is kept in alcohol so that it is preserved. There was also a baby squid at the end of the tank curled up. You can see its long body and the eyes near the end of it and with its even longer tentacles and large suckers. The squid is a female called Archie and she was caught alive and then quickly frozen so that they could take tissue samples and preserve her as most squids are persevered already dead.  She was caught off the Falkland Islands in 2004 at 220m depth. giantsquidnatural-historymuseumShe has 8 arms in total and her length is 8.62m and they can grow up to 14m. Whilst I was there I kept thinking what if she suddenly wakes up I know she won’t but it still doesn’t stop me thinking it.giant-squid-londonI was so excited to get a photo with a giant squid as I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance again too. The giant squid which is stored in a room full of jars of animals so it was a little creepy being in a room full of monkeys and sharks in jars, but it was still interesting to find out the work done behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum.natural-history-museum-giant-squidEach sucker on the squid’s arms has little teeth, along with two longer tentacles than its other arms which catches its food. After visiting the giant squid I was quite pleased that it was really interesting and it made me think more about biology and the work that goes into research and just how important it is to keep the research up as it’s never-ending.

You can find more information out about the giant squid here. I have also done a post on the other part of the tour which can be found here.

Will you be taking a trip to the Natural History Museum?


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  1. Rosie June 14, 2013 / 6:02 pm

    This is so fascinating, but so gross too! 😉 I love the Natural History museum so much, really want to visit now! So cool to have stood so close to such a giant sea monster!

  2. joannerambling June 15, 2013 / 6:20 am

    Weird but kind of cool also………………..

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