London: Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Last Friday I spent the day at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas which is at Earls Court every year. Every year Money Saving Expert giveaway 10,000 tickets for free so I managed to get two free tickets for the Friday. I had seen photographs of the event beforehand and thought it looked amazing with all the Christmas decorations. I had previous been to another Christmas event called The Country Living Christmas Fair and the main differences is was that Earls Court was 10x bigger, got people into the Christmas spirit and most of the stalls there were commercial retail stalls so prices ranged from £5-£200.earls-court-ideal-christmasAt the Ideal Home Show when walking out of the station you are greeted by Santa Clause in his sleigh where you can get your photo taken, lots of Christmas trees and of course real snow from a snow machine which made it even more Christmasy.the-ideal-home-show-at-christmasI also came across as stall run by a French woman who hand made little fairies and she also paints them as well so they are all unique. I bought my mum a fairy in a thimble which was £8 which is quite expensive but it is handmade and others were £12-£14. I would have loved to of bought more from the women but it would have been too much which was a shame.handmade-fairies-at-the-ideal-home-show-at-christmasThe Ideal Home Show at Christmas featured well-known brands and independent sellers which is great as you get a good mixture of gifts that you can buy. I bought 3 Estella Bartlett necklaces as they were £10 each or 3 for £25 which is great as I was going to buy one on the John Lewis website for £14.candy-kittens-ideal-home-show-at-christmas-2013You will need a couple of hours to get around the event as it was on two levels. There are food stands and also food areas around the outside. They do lack seating places though so lots of people sit on the floor or stand around the outside eating.tall-mice-at-the-ideal-home-show-at-christmas-2013yankee-candle-at-the-ideal-home-show-at-christmas-2013On the ground floor was a restaurant where you could get a 9 course meal for around £26. There was also an ice skating rink as well but I never actually saw anyone on there but then again it’s not really a place you would go if you wanted to go ice skating. They had some celebrity stalls there such as Peter Andre and Jamie Laing.giant-doughnuts-at-the-ideal-home-show-at-christmasideal-home-show-at-christmas-earls-court-2013My favourite food stall was the one that deep fried chocolate bars. Each one was £3 or you could get a share platter which was Roles, a Mars and two Oreos for £5.50 which I shared with my boyfriend. My favourite is the deep fried Oreos as I have had them before in London and I have also made them myself. I would then suggest the Roles deep fried and the Mars bar was my least favourite as you couldn’t really taste it.deep-fried-food-ideal-home-show-christmas-2013deep-fried-chocolate-ideal-home-show-at-christmasAfter a couple of hours of walking around eating and shopping we left as in the morning it is bearable but then after lunch time it starts to get really packed and it ruins the experience as you can’t see anything as everyone is all huddled together. So it’s best to go there before midday.

I can’t wait to go again next year for more food and shopping.

Have you been to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas?


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  1. joannerambling November 25, 2013 / 8:59 pm

    Deep fried chocolate bars sound like something I wouldn’t mind trying not sure if I would like them but wouldn’t mind trying them

  2. Luchessa December 4, 2013 / 12:02 pm

    Lovely 🙂 How many Candles did you buy? 😉 I bet it smelled amazing in there.

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