London: Harrods and John Lewis

For my mum’s birthday the other day we spent the day in London and ended up visiting Harrods, John Lewis and Selfridges. I did a separate Selfridges post the other day. We first visted John Lewis as they had their summer sale on. We didn’t really find much in the sale but my mum bought an Alessi Oil tester for her collection as one of her birthday gifts. We decided to go to their restaurant as I had a tea and cake voucher to use for this month. After our lunch we went up to the John Lewis Rooftop Gardens which we had to walk a lot of stairs to get to it and there was no lifts. Before stepping out on to the Rooftop Gardens there was an umbrella holder full of John Lewis umbrellas to use if you wanted to sit in the rain. Once out on to the garden which is actually on the John Lewis’s stores roof.

There was a little kids table and blackboards on the wall for them to draw on. There was seating with tables under shelters and deckchairs. There was also a viewing platform for Oxford Street which I loved as you could see all the way down Oxford Street. The only drink place on the rooftop was Joe and the juice at John Lewis of course all they sold was Juice and they were around £3-£4 each. There was quite a few people on the rooftop when I went and we just about managed to get a seat with a table under the shelter section. I loved the teapot plant pots on the tables. It would be great to go and sit up there in summer if it wasn’t too busy.

Next stop was getting a taxi from John Lewis to Harrods and it only cost £10 which isn’t bad as it only took 5-8 minutes. I have been to Harrods quite a lot do I didn’t take many photographs when I was there. We looked around the handbag and shoe section and then had lunch at the Disney Restaurant which is on the childwears department floor. It was quite expensive in there but cheaper than all the other places in Harrods. A 750ml bottle of water was £6.95. We had fish and chips, mini burgers and quiche.After our dinner we headed to the food hall to pick up some desserts to take home with us. We waited quite a long time as you have to take a ticket and wait till your number is called out then you can be served. They also had food which were 50% off as they had to be eaten today such as pasta and pies. I could spend all day looking around the food hall and buying food it’s one of my favourite things about Harrods. We ended up buying a strawberry cheesecake, coffee cake and chocolate brownie Lola’s cupcake. If you are looking for lovely cakes and chocolates then you can just visit Harrods for that as the store is quite big and you probably don’t want to look at all the home ware and fashion departments.selfirdges-macaroonsHere is a photograph from when we visited Selfridges to go to the Magnum.

What is your favourite thing about London?


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