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I have been meaning to do this London Summer food review since July. After waiting for two well-known American Burger companies to open in London I finally got to try them both in the same day. Firstly I thought I would share this review with a new food popup company called When Mac met Cheese.

I first heard of them via Twitter and seeing that they offered deep fried Oreos on their menu I just had to give them a visit. When Mac met Cheese opened as a popup store in a pub near Broadwick Street I went and sampled the Oreos. The pub was quite busy and people were sitting in eating or waiting for drinks at the bar.deepfriedoreoslondonThe menu was kept simple mainly containing Mac and Cheese, deep fried mac and cheese and Oreos. The company have since served at festivals in London and I believe they are looking for a permanent home. These Oreos are way better than they look. They are deep fried in oil whilst covered in pancake mix. The Oreos become really soft which gives it a doughnut texture and taste. I would defiantly buy these again and next time I want to try the mac and cheese aswell.whenmacmetcheeselondonoreosMy next favourite food place in London this summer has been Five Guys which has opened its first store here in the UK. I have tried Five Guys before in America and their burgers are the best. When visiting their store you have to queue up outside I only waited around 5 minutes so it wasn’t too bad. Once inside you queue up at the till and pay whilst collecting a little tray of peanuts. The burgers are quite expensive here but they are quite big.fiveguyslondonopening I ordered a small bigger with fries and a drink and this came to around £12. After paying you then have to line up again to wait for your food to which they call out your number that’s on your receipt. This is quite a good way of doing it but the area can get quite crowded. Next stop is to fill your drink up at the Coke freestyle soda machines.fiveguysburgerUKThere are only two soda machines and they have over 100 flavours most of the flavours we don’t have here in the UK. I tried Coke zero with Vanilla and Cherry which was rather strange. You can spend a while going through all the options which is why you have to line up. After sitting down and opening the meal  you can see you get quite a lot of chips and the small burger in my eyes is quite big. I opted for a small bacon cheese burger with fries. Everyone gets double fries not one tray of fries but two. The fries are fried in peanut oil to make them healthier.baconcheeseburgerfiveguyslondonI think there were defiantly too many fries and I couldn’t eat them all even though I was sharing them. The burger had a soft bun and American bacon in it. The chips were nice as they had some skin on still but were very salty. I can’t wait to go back and try another burger and some more flavours from the soda machine. The atmosphere was great as everyone was tucking into their burgers and everyone seemed to be enjoying them. Even though there was a lot of queuing it was defiantly worth it.fiveguysburgerslondonFive Guys Soda Machine UKWhen hearing via Twitter again that another American burger store was to open in Covent Garden I was rather excited to try it as I haven’t heard or seen it before in America. Once again there was quite a long queue outside so I decided to wait another day this was the same with Five Guys too. Its best to visit before 12 or after 2pm as this is when the lunch time rush is over.

Once you have ordered you then get a buzzer which vibrates when your food is ready to be collected from the window. I ordered a cheese burger with chips and didn’t order a drink. Shake Shack is slightly cheaper than Five Guys. The burger was quite small and you couldn’t even see the beef inside the bun due to a massive piece of lettuce.shakeshackcoventgardenshakeshacklondonThe burgers were ok but nothing special but they did taste healthier than the burgers from Five Guys. Their chips on the other hand tasted so good they were crimped chips with salt on and they can also come with melted cheese too which I’ll be trying next time. I defiantly preferred the chips at Shake Shack to the Five Guys Chips. Shake shack also sell desserts and have a more varied menu than Five Guys. You can find the Shake Shack at the Piazza in Covent Garden.shakeshacklondonThe atmospheres in all three places were very welcoming and everyone there was having a good time. The staff at all three places were very helpful and welcoming. I would say my perfect meal would be a burger from Five Guys with crimpled chips from Shake Shack, deep fried Oreos from When Mac met Cheese and finally a drink from the freestyle soda machine. As I love food I love looking for new places to eat in London as there’s always something new opening.

What have you loved this summer in London?


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  1. Kim Carberry September 15, 2013 / 7:26 pm

    Ohh yum! I’m drooling at the thought of deep fried oreos! Mmmm

  2. Vanessa Wilson September 15, 2013 / 9:44 pm

    Oreos look good. They have a soda machine like that in Leicester squares Burger King. Burger looked yummy at five guys xx

  3. joannerambling September 16, 2013 / 12:18 am

    So much nice looking food reminds me that I have not had breakie yet, those deep fried oreos looked interesting

  4. Hannah Moeller September 19, 2013 / 2:18 pm

    I really want to try Fiver Guys! Love a good burger.

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