London: Campus Party O2

The other week I visited the Campus Party at the o2 in London. I found out about the event via twitter and purchased a day ticket for £15 for the Tuesday for my boyfriend and I. The Campus party is held in a number of cities where people who love technology all come together and camp out for the week whilst visiting presentations and speeches about technology. This is a great event if you are looking to meet other likeminded people who share the same interest. This was the first time the event has been held in London at the o2. insidetheO2LondonOn arriving at the o2 there were stewards with signs showing you where to go to get your id badges which you need to enter and leave the event. There were some complications as I bought tickets on the Sunday so they didn’t have our passes ready so we waited about 10 minutes. We arrived at around 1o clock and it was less packed than I thought it was going to be. campuspartyattheo2LondonThere were rows of stands and large white blow up igloos where presentations are held. There were also over 10 large tables where you could sit and use your computer. Some people at the event had brought along their whole computer and some were customised too.CampusPartyLondonOn entering there were no leaflets or schedules and it was a bit of a pain to keep checking our phones on their website. After looking around the stalls and trying on goggles and playing mind games with devices we went to TGI’s for lunch as we hadn’t eaten the whole day.CampusPartyO2LondonWhen coming back from eating most of the event was shutting which was a shame but then we went and sat in the arena and tried to listen to some talks that were already half way through. There were plenty of stands to help with internships in the industry and jobs but they weren’t very laid out well. There was a gaming station in one area with lots of people playing computer games but they closed when we went over to have a look.handbuiltcomputersatcampuspartyWe did go and sit in one of the igloos for a 30 minute presentation from a guy from Sony who explained how Sony launches a product. This was quite interesting and I wished I had had the chance go to more talks. The event lasts for a week so I’m sure other days were more eventful.insidethearenacampuspartyI’m not sure if I’d go again next year if it’s on but it was ok to experience it and see what was there. I hadn’t visited the o2 in a while so it was nice to walk around inside and then visit the grounds around the o2.

Have you heard of the Campus Party before?


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