London: The Book of Mormon Theatre Show Box Seats

The other week on a Wednesday at 2.30 pm I visited the Prince of Wales theatre in Piccadilly to see the theatre show The Book of Mormons.

A couple of weeks earlier I was walking past the theatre with my boyfriend and he mentioned he wanted to go and see The Book of Mormon as he heard it was quite a funny show. As soon as I got home I researched how much the tickets were and at £92 a ticket I wasn’t prepared to pay that much for one ticket. A guy at work mentioned he went their for his birthday and his girlfriend paid £92 a ticket. He said it was funny and well worth seeing. I had mentioned this to my boyfriend and had decided it was just too expensive to go and see until I got an email from Time Out London.

The Time Out London email featured The Book of Mormon theatre tickets starting at £37.50 and they normally start at £48.50 a ticket. I quickly checked their website and started looking through the tickets that were available. I definitely wanted to see a Wednesday performance at 2.30 and came across box seat 4 for £37.50 and they had other box seats as well. I thought box seat four was a low box as that was what it looked like on the seating plan.the-book-of-mormon-london-best-review I quickly purchased two box seat tickets and they arrived in the post days later. On the tickets I noticed they had RV which meant restricted view so I was a little disappointed that it hadn’t mentioned that on the website when I was booking. But then again I was paying hardly anything for a ticket so it didn’t matter really. There was also a booking fee of around £2.

Before the theatre we were first in line outside Tgi Friday’s which is right next door to the theatre which looked really small from the outside. After Tgi Friday’s we were also the first to line up outside the theatre down the side of the building.

We were greeted in and told to make our way up the stairs where we can wait in the bar area as we weren’t allowed to go straight to our box seats. We didn’t order any drinks as we had just eaten but you could pre-order drinks for the interval which is good as they will be on the bar as soon as your allowed out of your seat for a 15 minute break.

Walking down a skinny corridor which opens out on to the balcony where there were four large individual moveable seats. I had bought the two front seats as I thought the view would be better. There was plenty of leg room and space to put coats and bags. Looking at the audience they did look some what uncomfortable and they looked as if they were touching the person next to them. The theatre it’s self is rather small with just the stalls below and the circle seats above and four balconies.

As I was expecting a low balcony the balcony was quite high up and you could see all the people below and the orchestra if you lent forward. I didn’t want to hurt my back and lean forward all the time so I just sat back and moved forward when I couldn’t see a scene which was only a couple of times. In the 15 minute interval which actually felt like two minutes you could go and buy some tubs of ice cream and a programme which was sold by the exits. Quite a lot of people were buying both. There was also a couple of merchandise areas outside in the lounge areas.

Now for the show, to start with I didn’t know much about what Mormons believe or don’t believe in and I still don’t actually. My favourite part of the show was the beginning and closing performances with the Mormons knocking on the doors as it reminded me of something that I had seen on a cruise once. The show was produced by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone who also created South Park. The play was a musical but it was more talking in cartoon American accents than actual singing. The storyline was very easy to understand and it didn’t feel as if I was sitting down for two and half hours.

There were a lot of scenes that were really funny and then other scenes that I thought were inappropriate to laugh at but the whole audiences laughter just got louder and louder and sometimes I would ask if I had missed anything as I wasn’t laughing. At times it was difficult to hear what the actors were saying as they were talking/singing quite fast and in silly/funny American accents so you had to keep up.

When I go to the theatre or concert my brain doesn’t seem to relax ever. I end up sitting there thinking about the costs of the production, where they got their costumes from, how were the scenes put together etc when I should be watching the show. After a while I then realised I’m here to enjoy the show and to try and switch off for a bit.

I did actually enjoy the show as it was funny but I don’t think I would want to pay £92 for a ticket though. After the show everyone left and it only took about a minute to leave the building even though everyone left at the same time. The Book of Mormon storyline is quite good and there are plenty of funny scenes throughout the show. I haven’t actually ever seen a show like it before.

I’m actually still looking for other theatre shows where the seats are in the balcony area and they aren’t a fortune. I know sometimes if your in London you can ask the box offices if there are any seats going cheap on that evening of a show. I had a good time watching it and was sat quite comfortably watching the show. I didn’t buy any drinks or merchandise or anything as I felt I just wanted to pay my ticket price and not spend any more.

Have you had a great experience at the theatre before?


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  1. being erica March 18, 2014 / 9:18 pm

    i saw it last monday, and i blumming loved it! thought the whole thing was clever, irreverent and hugely funny. our whole theatre laughed so much sometimes they had to restart their lines or wait for us to stop laughing!

  2. Rachel March 19, 2014 / 11:23 am

    yeah I have never seen anything like it my bf actually wants to go again if the tickets are cheap enough.

  3. LoveLyndaLovely March 24, 2014 / 10:47 pm

    I saw BOM a few months ago and in the end found it really funny though there were bits that were OTT. I quite want to see Angela Lansbury while she’s in the West End.

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