Landmarks around the WORLD!

Hey everyone I thought I’d create a landmark page under the main travel section, as I wanted to put more photographs of myself on here and I love travelling..Please leave a comment and a link and I would love to see your travel pics from around the world. I do believe that travelling to different places does make you more open minded and it’s a great experience. I have been lucky enough to travel to many places with my family and when I’m older I would love my children to experience what I have experienced. One of my favourite blog posts are peoples travelling pics and also the place they eat at and what they recommend. In the future well when I have time, as rather busy at university at the moment, I’m going to create a recommended travel section. I have even thought of an actual separate travel blog which maybe my new years resolution :) and a photography one but for now its just this one.. oh also when I get my Canon D60 I may start to shot some videos for youtube aswell which will be a challenge. Here are just some snaps from the landmarks I have visited…grandcanyonrome

Sweetpea xoxo

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