Lady Gaga at Twickenham Stadium!

On Sunday night I had a chance to go see Lady Gaga at concert in Twickenham. I had North L12 seats which were right opposite the stage. My seats were low seats that were opposite the stage. Other concerts I have been to already are Simple Plan, Fall out boy, and Take That, T4 Party in the park, Britney Spears and many more. As soon as I heard it was at Twickenham I thought why not at the 02 as it’s a lot closer for people to get to because Twickenham takes me an hour and half to get too. Then I realised that Twickenham holds a way lot more people than the o2 does and Wembley, so obviously I knew lots of fans wouldn’t be able to see Lady Gaga on stage as she chose quantity over her fans experience. Don’t get me wrong the atmosphere was great and everyone was up dancing to the music and the props were amazing and her singing was good but I haven’t been to a concert before where I haven’t been able to see the persons face so maybe that was why I was a little disappointed but it was a good night. I didn’t take too many photos as my camera died as soon as Lady Gaga started and they aren’t good quality either. I also made sure I missed the support bands as there would of been lots of crowds and I left before the end as well which was good as whilst I was waiting at the station there were loads of people walking to the station who had left after me. So I was glad that I left a bit early and so glad that Costa was open at 11pm. My cousin who I went with bought a £20 program which just contained photographs of Lady Gaga and he bought a £20 metal lunch box. They also had keyrings and mugs for £10 each. I didn’t buy anything as it was well over priced. Overall it was a good concert and everyone there had a great time but I don’t think I’ll go to Twickenham Stadium again unless I had standing tickets.
Did you go to the Lady Gaga concert?




  1. Rebecca September 16, 2012 / 8:18 pm

    Blimey, Twickenham is MASSIVE. I’ve never been. My friend is absolutely obsessed with Gaga, and I think she tried to get tickets to this gig but missed out. £20 for a programme?! That’s ridiculous. Glad you had a good time (ish) nevertheless

  2. Rach0206 September 16, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    ye the stage was very small she was a little dot on the stage I felt sorry for the people behide me. Yeah just seemed to be all about money really but it was still a good atmosphere x

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