Krispy Kreme Christmas Range Review

The other day I visited the *Krispy Kreme stand in Westfield to try their new festive range which consists of two new varieties. The Mince Pie and the Festive Chocolate Truffle. I love the Christmas design with the icing Christmas tree and the sprinkle of gold dust on top.krispy-kreme-doughnuts-at-christmas krispy-kreme-doughnuts-christmas-range-2013I first tried the Festive Chocolate Truffle as I thought I would leave the Mince Pie one to last, as I’ve never eaten a Mince Pie before as they don’t look nice at all. When biting into the Festive Chocolate Truffle you get a sharp taste of the dark chocolate icing which is on top of the doughnut and then a sweet truffle mousse taste from the chocolate inside the doughnut.krispy-kreme-christmas-range I quite like this combination of dark icing, sugary doughnut then a truffle mousse inside and then a little hint of white icing and gold dust. The Festive Chocolate Truffle is defiantly a sweet doughnut with all the icing and truffle mousse inside. I could just about eat the whole doughnut as the dark chocolate was quite strong with the mousse. I would defiantly try this doughnut again.festive-truffle-kripsy-kreme mince pie krispy kremeNow on to the second new variety which is the Mince Pie. As I mentioned I haven’t actually ever tasted a Christmas Mince Pie which may come as a shock but I had nothing to worry about as the Krispy Kreme Mince Pie was a little different. The Krispy Kreme Mince Pie consited of gold dust, pink icing, white icing, a sugary doughnut and a very sweet apple sauce inside I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything so sweet before. I think this is the first time something has been too sweet for me.festive-doughnuts-at-krispy-kremes Whilst taking photographs of the doughnuts I thought why not join them together to make a whole one. Which would be a great idea for a doughnut that has two separate fillings I’m not sure how they would be made but I will leave that one down to Krispy only ended up eating half of the Mince Pie doughnut and giving the other half to my mum. I love the fact that the Krispy Kreme company still offer seasonal doughnuts as it’s quite fun to see the new designs they come up with and new flavours.

What are your favourite Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?


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