iXpand SanDisk Flash Drive Review

For a couple of weeks now I have been reviewing this iXpand SanDisk Flash Drive. I never knew there were Flash Drives on the market that could connect to iPads and iPhones to transfer storage. Due to not having the latest Laptop it takes me a while to connect my iPad and transfer the files across. This iXpand Sandisk Flash Drive is exclusive to John Lewis and it helps me when I’m on the go as my iPad doesn’t have much memory which is a problem with all Apple products. The portable Flash Drive can connect to iPads and iPhones and easy to carry around as it’s light weight and small. You can purchase the iXpand SanDisk Flash Drive in a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB memory. This is perfect if your travelling and you take a lot of photographs and realise your memory is nearly full as you can just pop your photographs on the SanDisk and carry on taking photographs. The pen drive can also be used as a mini back up if you don’t have an external hard drive with you at the time.

The SanDisk is quite easy to set up all you have to do is plug in the Flash Drive and it brings up the SanDisk App you have to download. Once it has taken you to the Apple Store you can download the App for free. You are then shown step by step on how to transfer photographs across. From the App you can check the battery life and storage left on your device. You can sync all photos, contacts, videos and music and put a password on the device so no one can access them. You can also sync all content every time the Flash Drive is connected to the device. I will mostly be using this when I travel to free up more space on my iPad.

What technology do you use to help you?


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