Ideal Home Show London 2015

A couple of months ago I got an email from Money Saving Expert which is sent out I think every two months or so. I love the Money Saving Expert emails as you get a lot of offers and money saving tips all in one place and it’s easy to read. I noticed Money Saving Expert were giving away lot’s of free tickets to the Ideal Home Show in London. I quickly signed up and got two tickets emailed to me for a weekday. I try and go to the Ideal Home Show whenever I can get free tickets. I don’t think I’d ever pay to go shopping there as it just reminds me of paying to attend London Fashion Weekend. It takes me a while to get to Earls Court where it’s hosted every year. I turned up outside Earls Court and realised it was all boarded up. I quickly googled the location and it was being held at Olympia which was one stop from Earls Court. I have been to Olympia a few times and it isn’t my favourite venue as it reminds me of a giant green house and it gets really hot inside.

They had the massive logo outside like they normally do and luckily there weren’t any queues to get in. I love looking around the Ideal Home Show as it’s a great way to see new products and brands. Of course a lot of the stands there are normally know or aren’t really a brand at all just people trying to earn as much as possible. There are plenty of variety there when it comes to food, home ware, gardening, fashion and beauty. I love the food section where you can get freshly made food and also lot’s of chocolate and sweets. Some stands are there every single year which I don’t think they should do as I’m sure people visit there every year to shop. I was hoping to see a demo of a food processor whilst I was there but there actually wasn’t one there at all.
It can get quite crowded at the Ideal Home Show so it’s best to go during the week and after midday. When I was arriving there were plenty of people already leaving with shopping bags at around 1.30. When you walk into the Ideal Home Show you can buy a guide book for £5 I think it was and you get a free bar of chocolate with it. I didn’t end up buying anything as I got there quite late and I had to leave after a few hours.They had a number of stage Kitchens and even a catwalk with dancers. You can easily spend a whole day there as there’s quite a lot to see. The food can be quite expensive but they are generally the same as London prices. I’m not sure what’s happening about the venue change but I hate that it gets so hot in the Olympia building.

Have you been to the Ideal Home Show before?


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