Homemade Almond Milk

200 grams of Almonds
Glass bowl
Muslin/Cheese Cloth
Food Blender I used my Nutribullet
2 cups of Water

I do love milk but I only tend to have it in my tea and some times a glass of it before going to bed. My mum has a range or oats, nuts and seeds for breakfast everyday so I thought we would both be able to use it up as it only lasts three days in the fridge. I bought 200 grams of Almonds from Tesco. Firstly you need to soak the Almonds in a bowl of water for about 6 hours. I read somewhere online that if the nuts float then they are bad nuts and you should throw them away. I had about 4 nuts that were floating.

Once 6 hours is up then you need to blend the nuts. I used my Nutribullet and added one cup soaked almonds and two cups water. Blend the nuts until they are as small as they can be. The mixture is kind of a lumpy texture and the water has been absorbed.You can use a cheese cloth or a muslin to squeeze the milky water out from the blended nuts. It takes a while to squeeze out every last drop but your left with actual milk in a jar. I was quite shocked how much Almond milk you actually get out enough though two cups of water was added.

I chilled the jar of Almond milk for about 30 minutes before I tried it. It was a lot nicer than I expected it to be and a lot nicer than the Almond milk you by from the supermarket. It tasted the same as any normal milk in tea and with oats you can taste a light nut and sour taste but other than that it’s really nice. It’s a shame the milk only lasts three days in the fridge as it’s a lot better for you than drinking normal milk.

Have you tried Almond Milk before?


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