Hazle Ceramics & Pottery Barn Potters Wheel

Ever since I was young I have always wanted to go to a pottery class and use a potters wheel. For my birthday this year I finally got the chance to spend a few hours one to one using a potters wheel. We had to travel to Hazle Ceramics & Pottery Barn in Billericay which is an arts and crafts centre.

There were only four people in the class which was good as it’s more one to one then. The teacher did a demonstration first to teach us the techniques. It looked quite easy to make a pot once the instructor showed everyone how. In my class there were only 3 people which was good.

After learning the techniques everyone soon realised once the wheel started spinning just how difficult it was. You had to create a cone shape with the clay and then place you hand in the middle and squash the clay down until it goes flat and this is the bottom of your pot. You then had to work the pot upwards with two hands making sure just your finger tips were touching. My boyfriend was nearly finished with his pot until one wrong move made his pot break in half and spin off the wheel. He quickly made another one with the help from the instructor. Everyone made two pots each. Even getting the pots off the wheel was quite difficult. The class lasted around 2-3 hours as we had to make an extra pot due to one being ruined.

We had to leave the clay pots there to be fired in the oven. This will then turn them white so they can be painted. We returned two weeks later two paint the four pots. They have turned out better than we had thought. We were shown what types of paints we could use and a few techniques. I decided to do a dripping marble effect on both of my pots one going down and one going up the pot. We had to then leave them again to be put in the oven. This time they will come out dry and all glossy.

We then turned up a week later to pick up our finished pots. It was a great experience to use a potters wheel however I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to make a pot out of clay. It was great fun and I defiantly want to have another go in the future. The pottery wheel class was £36 each or if you just wanted to try using the potters wheel for 15 minutes it’s £6. You can find more information here http://www.hazlespotterybarn.co.uk/potters-wheel.

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