Harrods Food Hall

I popped into Harrods the other day as I had a £5 voucher to spend on my Harrods Card. The Harrods Food Hall has been the same for a long time but in the past couple of months they have been changing their cake section. I used to go to Harrods and buy a chocolate brownie and it used to be around £4 then they cut the portions down and put the price up to £6 and now they have gone. You can only get a slice of cake for £5, a cupcake for £3.95 or a really expensive dessert which are £7-8 each. The bakery is a lot more affordable and I wish I had bought one of those giant plain scones.

I just ended up buying a pomegranate drink from the till section in the end. I also noticed two giant Easter Eggs. The Giant Godiva Easter Egg was to win as you just need to tweet them a photograph and the Harrods one was £850 to buy. Some items are quite expensive in Harrods but some are the same as other London prices. I love visiting the store to see their seasonal products, I would love to go there when they have their sales on too. I also decided to check out the Toy and Technology department as my bf hasn’t been to Harrods before. I love the Food Hall the most in Harrods as they bring the World’s best products to you all in one place. Even if your not willing to buy anything at Harrods it’s still a lovely place to visit and have a browse.

Have you been to Harrods before?


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