Harrods Department Store

My parents, siblings and I used to drive to Harrods at least twice a month for a look round and for a spot of lunch in one of their restaurants. Even though visiting has become less frequent I still love to go their when I have some spare time.

At the moment Harrods have a beautiful window display full of giant handbags from Mulberry to Stella McCartney if you want to see lot’s of photos check out #HandbagNarratives. My favourite one is the Mulberry window display I love giant products as it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

I visited Harrods with my parents who I tagged along with whilst they were shopping. We can easily spend 5 hours in Harrods shopping and eating. There’s always lot’s of new products and brands to see. Harrods also keep their restaurants up to date and change the decor now and then.

The two food places I love are the Godiva Cafe and The Diner. The food maybe expensive but it’s a great atmosphere for a day out and perfect for a treat.
giantbarbieshoeatharrodsIf you haven’t been to Harrods before they have floors and floors of toys, handbags, designer clothing, homeware, technology and food so there is something for everyone. It is very easy to get lost in Harrods but you can always pick up a map on your way in. I have to admit my favourite floors are defiantly the food halls, handbag floors and their technology floor.
I was so happy when the Godiva Cafe opened in Harrods as when I go to America I always buy lot’s from their stores as it’s a lot cheaper in America and I love their drinking chocolate. If you want to spend any money in Harrods and know you will be going back there again you can pick up a store points card where you get points that you can save up.
The toy sections can be very busy and overwhelming for children as they are always running around as there is lot’s to look at. The good thing about the toy section is that the toys range from different price points so everyone can afford to buy toys you don’t need hundreds.
This is new to Harrods and offers a range of confectionery with giant sweets in domes which are a nice touch if only you could buy them.
This is my mums favourite section of Harrods as she has collected Steiff bears for over 30 years so this is her first point of call when it comes to buying Steiff bears.
Here is the chocolate hall which is just one of the food halls ranging from seafood to confectionery. There is also no shortage of somewhere to eat at Harrods as they have over 20 places where you can grab something to eat or have some afternoon tea.
You can easily spend a whole day in Harrods even if your just looking around. There’s one thing that keeps me going back to Harrods and no that isn’t the chocolate hall but that it gives me inspiration and motivation to want to work hard in life so that I can then go to Harrods and buy a designer bag or to purchase their lovely furniture. I have always felt this about Harrods and have loved going there ever since I was 16, there is just something about that colour green and gold logo of theirs.

What do you love about Harrods?


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  1. Temporary:Secretary July 17, 2013 / 7:52 pm

    The food hall is my favourite part of Harrods! I could stay there all day! x

  2. joannerambling July 18, 2013 / 3:14 am

    Wow what a store I have only ever seen this store on the telly

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