Greggs Balanced Choice Picnic

Greggs is one of the UK leading bakeries with 1700 stores nationwide. When I was back at school, college and university Greggs was the go to place to pick up some lunch. My favourite thing to buy at Greggs are their doughnuts and their mini tuna crunch brown baguettes. Greggs have launched a new summer range just in time for summer. The range is called Balanced Choice which includes a selection of healthy salads, pastas, drinks and fruit. With the Greggs Balanced Choice range Greggs kindly sent me everything I needed to have a picnic. After reschudulling the picnic due to the British weather I finally had it the day after Father’s Day.

Balanced Choice Flavoured water
I was excited to try the two new flavoured drinks as I always try and drink flavoured water at home. I bought the Strawberry flavoured water and also the lemon and lime. I wasn’t keen on the Strawberry flavoured water as the taste was too artificial so it wasn’t to my taste. The Lemon and Lime water on the other hand was my favourite and every sip was either lemon or lime it was quite unusual but I soon finished the bottle, as it’s quite sweet and addictive. I will be buying this out when I next pass a Greggs as the lemon and lime flavour goes well together.
Tuna Crunch Pasta
1 of your five a day

The Tuna Crunch has a lot of pasta in it with red pepper salsa and low fat mayonnaise dressing with sweetcorn, onion, cucumber, sweetcorn, peppers and tuna. There could of been a bit more tuna as I love tuna and this reminds me of their tuna crunch baguette. It’s a really refreshing pasta and it fills you up. It has a sweet taste due to the peppers, onions and mayonnaise. I would definitely buy this if I was out as it tastes really good and its only 283 kcal.

Chicken and Bacon layered Salad
1 of your five a day

The salad contains chicken breast with bacon bits with penne pasta, peppers, cucumber, sweetcorn carrot and low far mayonnaise dressing. I’m not that keen on the bacon pieces as they are quite strong but I love the pasta and mayo with the chicken breast and the other ingredients. This is obviously not as healthy as the Tuna Crunch Pasta but it still only has 327kcals.

Mexican Chicken Pasta in Tomato sauce

The pasta contains spirelli pasta in a spicy tomato sauce topped with Mexican style chicken breast. This pasta is a lot more simpler than the other pastas as it doesn’t have a lot of ingredients. The Mexican taste is really sweet and it just makes you want to eat more and more of it. I don’t mind plain pastas with a sauce and one topping as the sauce has enough flavour, that other ingredients are’t needed. The only downside to the pasta was that the sauce was a bit too liquidy.

Balanced Choice Honey Cured Ham Salad Sub Roll

The roll was very tasty and I loved that it had sliced egg in it too. You can rarely buy rolls these days that contain sliced egg normally it’s all mashed up which is quite off putting. The sub roll contains honey cured ham, crisp Iceberg lettuce, juicy tomatoes, a sliced free-range egg and fresh cucumber and reduced fat mayonnaise. The sub roll is quite big and really filling and I still can’t believe its only 359kcals as well.

Balanced Choice Soy Chilli Chicken Flatbread

I really enjoy flatbreads and wraps so I was excited to see this in the new summer balanced choice range. At 285kcal I would easily buy two as they are really nice and aren’t that many calories. It contains char-grilled chicken breast, crispy cucumber slices, fresh salad leaves and finished with a drizzle of delicious soy, honey and chilli dressing. The dressing really goes well with everything and it would be boring without it.

The other month I actually downloaded the Greggs App as every now and then you can claim free food and drinks which is always a bonus. Depending on the store, Greggs may have different selections of the new balanced choice range as I only found these products in my local high street store. There are plenty of other products to pick from. Another product I would like to try is the spinach with two boiled eggs they seem to be everywhere these days for on the go.

What do you love buying from Greggs?


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