Food Prep for the week

I really go by the saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and this is true in most cases. If there are no meals prepared and ready to be cooked then I will end up ordering a takeaway. If there aren’t fruit and healthy snacks around the kitchen then I will find another family members chocolate and crisp stash. If I’m not prepared then I always eat badly so preparation is key. Here is a little guide of what I have in my kitchen at all times and what food I prepare. I do find it difficult to prepare food for the whole week as I’m really not a fan of reheating food as I never think it tastes the same. So I prepare food for 3 days in advance that then goes in the oven for that day. When I go food shopping I make sure I just have meat, fruit and vegetables in the trolley. I also have a shopping list when I go out and I plan my meals in advance. When it comes to changing your lifestyle you just need to make smarter food choices and try new foods as well.

What food I prepare each day in the mornings or on Sundays

  • Breaded Asparagus with soft boiled eggs.
  • Breaded Asparagus for dinner
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Sweet Potato Mash or Fries
  • Fruit for Breakfast
  • Fresh Chicken with herbs
  • Salmon with seasoning
  • Tuna, Chicken, Egg or Salmon Salads
  • A large bowl of salad
  • Bacon and Egg Cups

Must have items in the house

  • Mixed NutsAlmond Butter
  • Water
  • Lemon and Lime Water
  • Herbs and Sauces
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Fruit
  • 70% Dark Chocolate

Daily Tips

  • Hot Lemon Water throughout the day
  • Herbs are important to flavour food
  • Salads for lunch at work with protein
  • Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
  • I keep a calendar to mark down days I have eaten clean


  • Walking as much as you can
  • I try and do weights at home before I go to bed and in the morning for 10 minutes
  • I try and walk home and to from work and also the station
  • I have a Fitbit Flex which I try and remember to use daily


I can’t make or eat smoothies or fruit drinks as it’s too time consuming and I can’t stomach smoothies with bits in.

I find it difficult to run a lot as it hurts and ruins my joints. My main struggle is with chocolate and not having it everyday so I’m still trying to find an alternative that isn’t just 70% chocolate. As I mentioned before I struggle with preparing large amounts of food for the whole week so I do a food prep on Sunday night for food until Wednesday and then again on Wednesday night for Monday.

I would love to know any tips you might have on changing your lifestyle?


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