Food at Disneyland Paris

After reading reviews about Disneyland Paris the same thing kept popping up in every review about the Food. Most of the reviews were mentioning that in the parks and Disney village you can only buy burgers, hot dog and chips. For the 6 days we didn’t really have a day where we ate properly or had a proper meal. We visited the supermarket on the first night and bought a cooked chicken for 8 Euros and some rolls and salad.

I didn’t want to spend the whole week eating chips and burgers. For breakfast we took our own food and also bought some orange juice, lemon juice, milk and croissants from the supermarket. We took mini cereal boxes for breakfast and this really helped save money. We had Mcdonalds breakfast once in the morning before heading to the parks as we had run out of food in the hotel. For dinner we ate at Starbucks and Earl of Sandwich. Starbucks had a range of pastas that we don’t have here in the UK and they were really nice and they were 6.95 Euros.

Earl of Sandwich was my favourite place as they offered wraps, salads and hot sandwiches. We had sometimes two wraps and salads a day for lunch and dinner which were 6.95 Euros. The Disney Village had a couple of sit down restaurants but they were quite expensive. You had Mickey’s Cake, the Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Annette’s Diner and a couple of others. most restaurants offered set meals where you could get two courses for 22 Euros excluding drinks. This is about 60 Euros for two people per night which a lot. So instead we had drinks back at our room and a 6.95 Euro wrap each for dinner.

We did have Mcdonalds for breakfast once and ate there for lunch and dinner once. Mcdonalds was a little more expensive than in the UK.

A cheeseburger was 2.20 Euros where they are 99p in the UK. Mcdonalds also had a self service machines that we used every time as the queues were always long. You pay for what you want on the machine and then queue up in a separate queue. Unfortunately if they miss an item you have to get in another queue and I had to wait over 10 minutes and my food was cold but they gave me an extra item but that could of been their mistake but I took it anyway as I had waited so long.

In the Disney Parks there were a lot of places to eat from restaurants to buffets. We had two lots of fries and a drink and this came to 10 Euros. We took our own drinks to the parks. I bought a lot of Nutella Crepes which were 2.50 in the Shopping Centre, 3.95 at the Disney Parks and 5 Euros in the Disney Village. The ones in the Disney Park tasted nicer. Unfortunately the crepes were pre-made which was a shame and they were quite small.

What do you do on holiday when it comes to food?


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