Everyman Cinema Chelmsford

Everyman cinema is a small cinema chain that gives you more of an upmarket cinema experience. The first thing I thought when I left was that I never want to go to a normal cinema again.
Beauty and the Beast Everyman Cinema
I hadn’t heard of Everyman cinema before until I was looking for cinemas that had sofas. You can find the Everyman cinemas all over London.
Everyman Cinema Chelmsford Review
When you walk in a host hands you a menu and explains how everything works. You can find a seat near the bar if you want food before your meal. The host also mentioned that if we ordered food right before we go and sit down that they would then bring our food to our seats for us. We ordered cheesy fries and small sweet popcorn. The tickets were quite expensive at £15 each and more if you wanted to purchase any food or you could bring your own snacks with you. This is a cinema experience and not your normal weekly/monthly trip to the cinema. They have a few screens and the rooms with the sofas are quite small having this cosy feeling.
Everyman Cinema Bar and Seating Area
The sofas were really large and had a small table for your drinks. There was a lot of leg room and sofa space and two cushions. The sofas were really comfortable and you could really snuggle up on them. There are only two downsides to this type of cinema and that’s the price and the limited films they have to offer. I saw beauty and the beast as it was a special Disney film I wanted to see and it was showing at Everyman cinema.
Everyman Cinema Food at your seat
I would recommend the Everyman cinema experience as it’s quite nice to try an up market cinema the only downside is that you’ll never want to go to a normal cinema again.

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