Eurostar to Disneyland Paris


This is my second time experiencing the Eurostar. I loved it the first time which was in 2013 for my Birthday. Ebbsfleet is the nearest  Eurostar station to me so this is where I always depart from. The train was departing at 10.38 so I left my house at around 8 just incase we hit traffic. There was only a short queue to get through with our tickets and to get through security. I was at security for a while due to the metal detector going off and then they saw something suspicious in my suitcase. After emptying my suitcase and removing and rescanning my electricals they then realised it was my little travel kettle that they picked up on and they couldn’t work it out on the screen. I’m kind of glad they had trouble with my travel kettle as at least we know they are doing their job. The Ebbsfleet station is quite small and there is only a small seating area, a business class lounge, a Whsmiths and a Cafe Nero.


You can buy snacks at the bar on the Eurostar but they can be quite expensive. I’m not a fan of leaving my suitcase right down the other end of the carriage whilst I sit in my seat but it’s the only place it can go. I know standard class means standard but I do feel the seats could be bigger as I felt like everyone was sitting on top of each other. From Ebbsfleet to Marne La Vallee Chessy it takes around two and half hours which is quite a long time. If you have booked through the Disney website you can use their Disney express service which is £16 per person. If you have booked through the Disney website you will be given your tickets once you are on the train. At this point I did feel a bit left out. The train time went quite quickly. I had a little nap on the train and ate my packed lunch I had bought. The carriage was quite empty with only three couples sitting near us and then a group of friends and kids at the end of the train. It was quite a relaxing train journey there.


Once arriving at Marne La Vallee Chessy you can go to the next floor up at the station to the corner where there’s a Disney desk and they take your suitcases to your hotel for you so you can visit the parks as soon as you get there. I was expecting the  Marne La Vallee Chessy station to be like Paris Gare du Nord train station but it really wasn’t. It was quite small and a lot of building work was being done at the time. Once your outside the station there are staff about to help you find your shuttle bus. Outside the station is a row of shuttle buses that to go the Disney Hotels. Unfortunately my shuttle bus was on the other side of the Disney Village and it’s the only shuttle bus that goes there. I had to ask a security guy where the shuttle bus stops as we were sent to a roundabout and there were no signs at all. After walking around the roundabout we went back to the start and then the bus arrived which was lucky.


On the last day we visited both parks as our train was departing at 18.30 so we had the whole day to spend at the parks. We also managed to visit the shopping centre for a bit too and then returned to our hotel to get our suitcases. We got to Marne La Vallee Chessy at 17.30 and there was such a long queue it took about an hour. There were only two security areas and lots of kids and prams that were taking along time. A lot of people were moaning and saying it’s just another reason why they are never coming back. After getting through security there was no time to stop for food but luckily we had bought food from Starbucks beforehand.

The train was pretty packed and there wasn’t enough suitcase space for all the suitcases so I just placed mine on the floor and checked on it at every stop. People ended up using spare seats to put their suitcases on which shouldn’t have to be done. A man ended up moving a suitcase, so his could go next to it and then the owner of that suitcase started shouting at him so they had an argument in front of a packed train and then also whilst at their seats. Then one of the wives got involved and then another man got involved. It calmed down after a while.

The train was so packed and everyone was tired but then someone let their child play loud music the whole journey home. This train was a nightmare as there were so many kids running up and down and making a lot of noise. I definitely think couples with out children should be put together in a carriage as it got really loud. After the problems at security and the worst train ride ever I couldn’t wait to get home.

There were some good points and bad points about Eurostar and I know it could of been a lot worse so I would travel with them again due to price and a fear of flying.

Have you travelled with Eurostar before?


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