Elemis Fresh Skin Starter Kit

A couple of weeks ago I won this Elemis Fresh Skin Starter Kit and I have used it ever since. These are the first Elemis products I have ever tried and I’m quite impressed. I have only been using a small amount of each as I want it to last as long as possible before I have to buy the full size products. elemis fresh skin reviewThe Fresh Skin Starter Kit has a Skin glow exfoliating face wash, this isn’t too harsh on your skin and it’s just the right roughness for sensitive skin. The peachy perfect gentle face wash is a cool gel which reminds me of a REN face wash I have. This is a simple face wash to clean and hydrates your skin which makes it soft.
I have used the softly softly daily moisturiser and the night moisturiser quite a lot even though it has a fragrance to it, it still leaves my skin soft and hydrated. The moisturisers are non greasy and the smell is a rosehip seed oil and sweet almond oil. The more I use it the more the smell is growing on me. The starter kit also comes with three sachets of deep clean purifying face masks.elemis skin care starter reviewThis is the perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to try products before buying the full size Elemis products. This is also a great little travel set to take away with you. I have really enjoyed using this starter kit and can’t wait to try some more products from Elemis.
You can check out the Elemis website.

What’s your favourite products from Elemis?


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