EasyJet #WhyNot Holland Experience

Whilst scrolling through twitter the other week I noticed there was a pop up event for EasyJet for there new campaign EasyJet #WhyNot. The event was just for two days at 3-10 Shoreditch High Street. An EasyJet aeroplane door had a peered down Shoreditch High Street and there was a short queue outside. The EasyJet #WhyNot aeroplane staff greeted everyone as we got in the queue mentioning that next plane departure was in 9 mins and it will last around 20 minutes. I had seen a video online of the experience beforehand so I new what to expect.

EasyJet #WhyNot

We had our bags checked at the door to make sure we had no liquids with us before we boarded the flight. I said no and then the security man winked and smiled as I did of course have two bottles of water in my bag. Clearly we were not going on a real plane so we all played along with it. We were in a group 6 as we joined another group of people who were just as excited as we were.

The first room is a departure room with a notice board and a button that someone has to press. It tells you where we’re going to fly too. Apparently throughout the two days people had won plane tickets once they had pressed the button as this was also apart of the EasyJet #WhyNot campaign.

The board said we would be going to Holland and all of a sudden a danish guy opened the door and told us to come onto his house boat. We all sat down and chatted about Amsterdam and he shared with us some really nice cheese. We could see the town center going by through the port holes on the canal boat.

easyjet #whynot

The next room was a gallery room with a few paintings on the wall. Two of them were moving paintings of people sat in the picture frame. One was the girl with the pearl earring and the other was a painting that Vincent Van Gogh had painted. As a group we just stood there non stop laughing and smiling. The paintings were talking to each other and also asked us a few questions and they made lots of jokes back and fourth.

The girl with the pearling earrings asked us to move towards the sunflower painting. There was a painting on the wall called potato eaters but the people had no faces. Vincent Van Gogh opened the door and he invited us into the painting. We all sat around a table and he gave us a character each and I was the cat. He then took some photos of us which we presumed were fake photos.

Vincent Van Gogh showed us to another room where we were greeted by a tour guide.  We all jumped on some bikes and the Amsterdam down center was screened onto the walls and it was quite realistic. After the bike tour a man appeared at the next door who was covered in tulips. We then followed him into the garden of tulips where we were finally allowed to take photographs.

easyjet #whynot shoreditch
Looking back and being able to take photographs would of ruined the experience as I felt everyone laughed non stop throughout the journey. The last room was back to a departure board and we had to hit the button to head back to London.

We were given a little caramel waffle at the end and the air stewardess surprised everyone with a photograph of every one at the table that Vincent Van Gogh took of us when we all thought it was a pretend photograph being taken.

We all left chatting about the experience and everyone was really happy and laughing as they couldn’t believe what they had just experienced.

Even though I knew what was going to happen it still turned out 100 times better than I had thought it would of and it was a great finish to a Saturday night.

The actors involved in the EasyJet #WhyNot campaign played their parts really well and it did actually feel like we had experienced Holland as everyone got lost in the moment and had a great time.

I love visiting pop ups like the EasyJet #WhyNot one as they are always great fun.

And yes it has 100% made me want to visit Holland even if I did want to visit there beforehand.

Here are a few photographs I took on the day and a video of the actual experience room by room.

easyjet tulip man

easyjet shoreditch gifts

You can watch the EasyJet #WhyNot experience here.


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