EarlyBird TasteBox Review

The other day I was sent a tasty Tastbox from the lovely company at EarlyBird who produce a weekly TasteBox which is a little different to your ordinary Snack boxes. The TasteBox to start with is a hexagon shape which is quite fun with lot’s of colour. I didn’t know what to expect when opening the TasteBox but I was quite surprised to see each box contains free music from the EB Studios. I love that there is a leaflet explaining everything in the box and also showing all the calorie information for each snack. Also in the TasteBox is a ShareCode so if you would like a TasteBox for free then use the code grape-4041.

I can see a big difference from other Snack boxes as the TasteBox includes 5 big handfuls of snacks, free music, introduction to a new artist and two tea bags which to me equals a relaxing lunch break. The amount of food is probably even enough to last two days if you decide to buy a weekly box. In my TasteBox I received Hot Zingy Crunch, Salsa Mesquite Shot, Salt N Pepa Cashews, Pina Colada, Coffee Walnut Cake, Bollywood Chai Tea and finally Darjeeling Early Grey Tea.

My favourite out of the snacks was of course my favourite the Salt N Pepa Cashews. All the snacks tasted great and I really enjoyed the teas and it was great to finally try a chai tea. This is a great TasteBox to treat yourself too as you get quite a lot for your money. The mixed nuts and snacks are even a lot to buy in the supermarkets so it’s quite a good price for 5 packets, two teas and free music to listen too. Your first TasteBox is only £1 at the moment and then further boxes are £4.50.

I’m looking forward to seeing how their new GymBox and LighterBox’s work out as I never know what to eat before a workout.

Have you tried a TasteBox before?


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