Dunkin Donuts UK Store

A few weeks ago I was just on the tube going to Holborn when I saw two people get on the train holding a Dunkin Donuts coffee and bag. I was quite shocked as I heard a few years ago they were going to try and break into the British market and compete against Krispy Kremes but after that I heard nothing of them until now. As soon as I got home that day I decided to Google it to see if they had any stores in the UK Well they must of as I had seen those people with the coffee cups.

I found that they also had Dunkin Donut cabinets that you could find in Co-Op stores in London. They also had a few store locations in the UK and my nearest one was in Woolwich which was about 40 minutes away by train. I did think it was a bit strange that a store was there as it’s not a tourist known area and I hadn’t been there before. Dunkin Donuts was a short walk from Woolwich Station and it looked like it was in their main high street.The store was quite busy at the time as they only had a few seating areas inside and outside and it soon filled up with a few people.There was a merchandise area where you could buy bags and tumblrs. There is a large variety of doughnuts to choose from a long with a breakfast menu and a number of drinks. Luckily I went on the day it was National Doughnut Day so they had an offer on where you can buy any drink and get a free doughnut. I bought a white iced sprinkled doughnut and a Latte. The doughnut was very soft and fluffy and not over sugary like other doughnuts. I could easily of ate two doughnuts with my latte which was really nice. The doughnuts weere£1.15 to buy so they were reasonably priced. I also bought Munchkin holes which were 25 for 35.99 or 50 for £9.99. The munchkin holes are the middle bit of the doughnut. The munchkin holes went quite quickly so I wished I had bought 50. It would be great if they had stores in Central London to visit. Their breakfast food is quite good value for money too. Dunkin Donuts is well known in a America and the last time I had it was for breakfast when I went to the Bahamas on a cruise.

Where do you like to go for Doughnuts?


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