Dubai Gifts

The other month my parents went on holiday to Dubai for a few days and bought me back some gifts. I have been Dubai once before over 5 years ago before it became a popular destination and before all the fancy hotels were built. If I was to go back I would love to visit their shopping mall as it’s very westernised with lots of American stores. They also have a Cheesecake Factory and Red Lobster which are two of my favourite places to visit in America. I would also love to see the giant aquarium and ski slopes they have in the shopping mall. I got a few items from Bath and Body Works and a candle that actually smells the same as the mens aftershave from Abercrombie and Fitch which I can’t stop smelling.

I also got a few souvenirs from when my parents went up the tallest building. I also asked for a souvenir from Starbucks and this travel tumbler is great for work when I go out for lunch. I’m trying to cut back on chocolate these days but I couldn’t wait to try the chocolate that has been made with camels milk. The chocolate is the smoothest chocolate I have ever tasted and I wish it was sold here in the UK as it’s really nice. I think Dubai is a great place to visit for a few days and visit the sand dunes and shopping areas.

Have you been to Dubai before?


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